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  1. And meanwhile i really try my best to get over 200 in ⚡️

  2. In the game against Liemle, after Nf6 gxf6 Rxe8 why not …Nxh4?

  3. why did Hikaru's opponent, LiemLe, not take Hikaru's queen on h4 with his knight?

  4. If i was a chess piece I'd be a king. It has the most power but the most useless at the same time.

  5. Stay storg levi, I know its tough being kidnaped✊

  6. Fun fact – people suggested to Hikaru that he should play Levy (since levy is around the ratings hikaru was farming, maybe a little lower) and Hikaru said it's a bad idea since Levy is too dangerous of a player!

  7. 15:38 out of context but, 'within 10 seconds, white proceeded to spend 18 seconds' 😂

  8. It helps when you play an opponent you can beat regularly 15 times in a row. Farming.

  9. I assume the donkydonkydonkey could be from a blackjack enjoyer as that is what you would scream when you need the dealer to go above 21 in order to win

  10. I've unironically waited for this video since he got it on stream 🙂

  11. Can you make a video about latvian gambit?

  12. 3000 points higher than me?
    hold my tea i’ll beat him using eyes only

  13. Some people might find this very interesting…

  14. Anybody who wants to see Hikaru's 3 defeats?

  15. A certain player would surely find this interesting…

  16. meanwhile, I lost 174 games and won 3

  17. Tomorrow's video title 'Magnus is back'

  18. Hikaru is way better playing online than on board to be honestly … Ofc he is one of the best ,but ,when did he won an event lately? Any event

  19. oooh I need help. hahahahahahhahhahaahhaha

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