HUGE GM NEWS!!!!!!!!

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  1. the clickbait is getting out of hand with this one

  2. I bet kramnik will find this interesting as well

  3. “Like in an email!!” That line RKO’d me outta nowhere 🤣

  4. im so glad that my country is getting recognition in chess

  5. why does he flick his left eye like that

  6. I love your content but the clickbait is really getting out of hand.

  7. 4:52 You sounded so much like andrea botez, its fascinating 🧐

  8. Now a days WC means nothing
    Meanwhile he also cant become GM and I cant get 2200 and also Ding feeling stupid 😂😂😂..Bro just cooks

  9. The day gotham actually becomes a GM he will probably troll us by saying it in the title, and we won't believe it lol

  10. Yo, he sounds like young one of the botez sisters

  11. Everytime Gotham does a clickbait, I just click on the video to dislike it. 🙈

  12. Hi man.. My name is also Ashwath but i am 1550 fide rating

  13. No way, Levy has become a grandmaster 10245 times now

  14. But what will the video title be when levy actually becomes a GM?

  15. Impressive but child prodigies rarely pan out. There is such a thing as premature maturation. Magnus at 9 was supposedly 900 elo but picked up speed at age 11 becoming FM

  16. Levy, you butchered that Polish name so hard that I when I saw it I couldn't believe that guy was Polish 😁
    Next time, please make sure you know how to read the name if you see Polish flag 😊
    You just read it like some sort of a Turkish name and I can't listen to that lol

  17. 30 years old GM before starting the game: Oh. Let the kiddo win! As I am already a GM.

    Next Day Levy: 30 years old GM succcks.🤣🤣🤣(Just Kidding🤭)

  18. Levy sounds like a Male Marge Simpson. 😆

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