I Attempted “Pokémon Chess”

Thank you to @LittleZReal for creating a worse alternative for Chess
#pokemon #alpharad #chess

➤ hi i did this one all by myself

➤ Koro:

A massive shoutout to @ludandschlattsmusicalempor6746 for the free music 🙂


  1. You can't even be mad. That ending was clutch. It may have been pure luck, but it came so close. gg

  2. "Random crits are fair and balanced"

  3. if the pokemon had health values i think the super effective double hit bonus would be so much cooler

  4. That rng loss perfectly summed up Pokémon’s and rpgs in general random elements as a whole but is still consider him to be the best preforming person in the tournament

  5. Hold on I've just heard 1812 overture near the end

  6. Alpharad is canonically the unluckiest main protagonist ever to exist

  7. I wish 800 was practically grandmaster

  8. Alpharad: CEO of Amazing Island Propoganda

  9. Now imagine: Pokemon chess with Too Many Types

  10. On a sorta kinda related note, remember that pokemon figure game that was like dumb down chess

  11. This is the first of your videos that I'm watching. I'm gonna venture to say that nuclear physicists will never read your YouTuber name correctly.

  12. Yooo there should be 5d pokemon chess with multiverse time travel

  13. It sounds like you're recording this in between a cardboard box

  14. Uh, so I looked up chess ELO ratings. 800-900 ELO is considered Novice, nowhere close to a master. Is there another rating system he meant?

  15. You played pokemon chess against a mechanical planet from the Transformers franchise.

  16. I watched your video for the second time and saw your note saying 800 elo is close to grandmaster…
    grandmasters are 2200 elo I don't think 800 elo is remotely clost to 2200 elo

  17. played chess and lost to RNG this is peak Pokemon gameplay

  18. Hold on, I knew Jacob is good at chess, but 800+ ELO good?!?

  19. Damn, I'm not gonna lie I'm starting to see the Alpharad formula. I'm reading into the script matrix and I can already tell how it's gonna end before it does. His videos have got a distinct flow and twists and turns that make it fairly obvious what's gonna happen.

  20. the bidoof gambit HAHAHAHAHAH I AM F'N DEAD

  21. That ending was the biggest fuck you that i have every seen

  22. Isn't captain kidd is the guy that uses magnet fruit in one piece🗿

  23. …….I want to see Magnus Carlsen play this.

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