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  1. It took me 4 moves to beat the mechanical Turk and I pre-moved all of them they were: pawn E4 Bishop C4 queen H5 then queen f7 (you take the pawn on f7) it took some trys but I did it also you have to be white

  2. Martin never fails to sacrifice the rook

  3. How can he be excited to beat a 1 elo bot, bro really fell off 💀

  4. I just figured that’s it’s super friggin hot on the east coast right now

  5. I liked my own comment 😂😂

  6. Can’t wait for all the Chess players to come to Topeka and see all our construction

  7. Hey Levy and the rest of the Gotham Chess fam!

  8. I enjoyed the shirts used in Madrid. Gave you more charisma/authority/professional/GM vibes (cough cough)

  9. Hey! I always lose to Martin. I don’t know what to do after the first few moves.

  10. Kramnik's honest reaction to The mechanical Turk: Interesting………

  11. the intro was exactly right about the elo anxiety the only difference is u got ur rating so low in one day because ur mad and then u don't play online because ur scared and play only bots

  12. Bro, stockfish ain't a kid, how do you beat him?

  13. I am now watching GothamChess like a series where Levy’s OTB tournaments are the finale.

  14. No human can beat stockfish always playing the best move, but what about stockfish always playing the 4th, 3rd, even 2nd best move? Sometimes the best move keeps the advantage, and the 2nd best move loses all of it! How far would you have to go to actually win?

  15. Martin is Bulgarian just like me! In fact, I went to school with Martin. Quite a nice guy.

  16. Levy why do you stare in the first second of the videos

  17. Martins wife is taking care of his children while hes playing chess. Theres nothing to worry about

  18. Levy, can you play the Polish defense at some point? Thx

  19. "She's going to drown in this game." Blud wants the bot to unalive. ☠️

  20. 2.44 there is no way that there is pepole how cant beat Martin

  21. I liked my own comment (triggering the comment guy)

  22. Ok so It's official that Levy is referring to every bot as 'Stockfish'

  23. Isn't NY anti 2A? Better hide those guns Levy

  24. Fun fact: if you triple click my comment, you will go into replies😊

  25. Amazing job, always knew you had it in you levy!

  26. I used to wear a Chachi shirt back in the day too

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