I hate this lady

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  1. When a man says he hates a woman it's because he wants to stuff her like a turkey but knows he cant so eventually someone else will get the job done.

  2. I thought Andrea was the oldest for some reason 😂

  3. Why are there so many simps in the comments

  4. Damn boo you had to retire from playing chess, that's rough. What are you like 38ish?, must be rough in the chess world. Been working blue collar all my life, was a jarhead before that. No retirement in sight for a tree trimmer like me except the good Ole 70 cent solution at age 60 if my hands still work, but you got it rough as shit Ole son.

  5. Says a random dense as a woman who can’t tell this is all a joke 👆👆👆👆🖕🏾

  6. Call this man Pdiddy since he aint afraid to beat woman on camera (in chess, ofc)

  7. Love this comment section, especially the crinfe pin of shame!

  8. I just learned that there are chess baddies out in the world somewhere and I like it

  9. Retired? From a board game?????? Riiiiight…

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