I made a whole chess set from scratch because I’m insane

Sculpting a whole chess set from scratch because I’m insane, with a twist.

Get behind the scenes and work in progress updates:

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Polymer clay: Super Sculpey, Cosclay
Sculpey Bake & Bond
Apoxie Sculpt
Isopropyl alcohol
Acrylic paint
Foam core board
Wall filler
Super glue

00:00 – Making the board
01:32 – Sculpting chess pieces
03:19 – Painting the pieces
04:22 – Painting the board
05:15 – Sculpting the Queen
08:13 – Painting the Queen
09:21 – Sculpting the Horse
11:09 – Painting the Horse
11:34 – Beauty Shots


  1. Insanity is just a word u are crazy crazy in a positive way 🤣

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