I made a whole chess set from scratch because I’m insane

Sculpting a whole chess set from scratch because I’m insane, with a twist.

Get behind the scenes and work in progress updates:

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Polymer clay: Super Sculpey, Cosclay
Sculpey Bake & Bond
Apoxie Sculpt
Isopropyl alcohol
Acrylic paint
Foam core board
Wall filler
Super glue

00:00 – Making the board
01:32 – Sculpting chess pieces
03:19 – Painting the pieces
04:22 – Painting the board
05:15 – Sculpting the Queen
08:13 – Painting the Queen
09:21 – Sculpting the Horse
11:09 – Painting the Horse
11:34 – Beauty Shots



  2. are you like with north of the border or something? you speak with the same cadence and backgriund and the foil being not rock like enough. unless you openly are and ive just completely missed that

  3. That one horse that has the human body is legit a forky fork

  4. You forgot to add jesus…wait this is ohio chess right

  5. By saying horse tells that u didn't play chess a lot lol..

  6. These channels are why I don’t believe in my own videos

  7. It's the coolest thing i see, but i probably cant do it :/

  8. I want to see a chess anime with the peices like the knight and queen in this cause it would look good

  9. It's like that chess scene in Harry Potter and the Philosophers' Stone.
    I all honesty it looks gorgeous and probably the most extraordinary chess set ever designed, and the idea of breaking the Knight and the Queen for their souls to fight, at least that's what I got from that, is super unique, though hope there's an extra black Knight and white Queen

  10. Hi kalash i am a fan of you, i am highly impressed with your art. I need to contact you. If possible i want to be your student. ❤ from INDIA

  11. The human horse is kinda look like mythical creature in Philippines called tikbalang. I love your creativity 😄

  12. it looks like the chest pieces came out of their prison but the queen and the horse were the only ones that were strong enough to break out

  13. i know the pain of makiing chess from clay so yea

  14. Not complaining, the work is incredible, but I think that the "horseman" kinda looks like anubis

  15. Kalash and north of the border need to make a collab

  16. The video TITLE is so REAL. She is indeed Insane…ly GOOD.

  17. making an entire set of chess pieces from scratch is NOT insane . . . talking to them and expecting them to talk back . . . THAT'S insane . . . at least that's what the voices in my head keep saying . . . over and over and over and over . . .

  18. i want to make a plants vs garden garden warfare chess set pieces. rose would be the queen, and chomper would be the rook, and the cactus would be the knight, and sunflower would be the bishop and the corn would be the king.and the peashooter would be the pawns,and on the zombies super brains would be the king and the football all-star would be the rook, and the scientist would be the bishop, and the foot soldier would be the knight.and the engineer would be the bishop and the little imp would be the pawns.but id probably need a 3d machine to do it, and i even if i had one i wouldnt know the first thing about making them.

  19. Horse human actualy 🤓 it's more preferable to use satyr

  20. the horse is a knight so i think it would be better if you made it a knight riding a horse instead but, its still amazing also it would be so much extra work

  21. I ve a sucker for chess pieces making. But you take this to a whole new level! Amaaaaazing work.

  22. The queen looks like the death note monster

  23. The queen looks like the death note monster

  24. are we not talking about how the people things she gave the queen (sus things)

  25. white woman vs black horse, wait a minute, i've seen that before

  26. I really appreciate the pawn giving space for the queen to move

  27. As someone who‘s tried this with greatly limited resources, you are insane.

  28. I would honestly pay like $1500 for that

  29. Now imagine if they made the whole chess game life this, it would Be EPIK-

  30. the knight is knightmare fuel WHEEEEEZING AT UNFUNNY PUN

  31. You could sell this for 500$, I'm pretty sure some people would be willing to BUY it

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