I Made ChatGPT Cry

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  1. the circus videos are hilarious to be honest chat gpt is so goofy

  2. I wonder if chat gpt would learn the proper rules of it read Levy’s courses.

  3. I ran an interesting test with ChatGPT by asking it to play a game of chess and show the board after every move. After the 3rd or 4th move, it seems to no longer handle new moves properly and stuff randomly starts moving around. Notably, every time on the third move its g and h pawns are 2 steps ahead despite chatgpt not having moved them

  4. U should play like you are ChatGPT vs actual ChatGPT

  5. chatgpt has access to an incredible amount of internet information, including chess opening theory.

  6. I wonder if he even realizes that he's doing the stare

  7. Levi literally just said "no bitches?" with that stare. 10/10

  8. Martin and Chatgpt has something in common and it is not knowing how knights work

  9. It calls you black because you said ''I'm black'' so it thought you were named ''Black'' but you meant that you were going to play the black pieces.

  10. The dissapointment when levy didnt take en Passant was unfathamable

  11. Does Levy think all British people are Johnny Depp

  12. Levy I have a question for you. I'm pretty sure you said that you taught little kids one time. Did u used to teach in closter? I feel like I saw you there.

  13. I love the stare in the beginning and that he always tells us to get out of here in the end😂😂😂

  14. I loved the hikaru overly said "again" 😂😂

  15. Well, we just learned that ChatGPT does not have board awareness. It just follows previously played games' moves and merge them all as if they're all played in this one instance. Someone need to start programming chess board awareness for this AI.

  16. "It's a scumbag A.I" ChatGPT will remember Levy, and it won't return kindly 🥶🥶🥶🥶

  17. the only explanation is that ChatGPT was playing 7D chess

  18. Todays stare was extra unique. It had a flare to it that no other stare has ever had. 10/10

  19. Your consistency of videos is 2 thumbs up.

  20. Hope to see Levy playing blindfolded against ChatGPT just to see him confused trying to figure out if Chatgtp teleported pieces or if he forgot where the pieces were

  21. Chatgpt was just 20 moves ahead. that is why it was saying nonsense.

  22. THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. ChatGpt… Oh Splendid
    Levy… what are you British now?
    Levy continues mocking ChatGpt in a British accent that sounds exactly like Crocodile Dundee.
    Note___ Dundee is Australian
    Noice Rozman
    Supercedes Concept…

  24. You can farm ChatGPT for even more content, my idea: turn the game around and begin to play some illegal moves your self and see how it responses.. 😀 Have fun.. 😉

  25. 14:45 i wonder what it would’ve said if you took that bishop with the A2 pawn

  26. Ah yes, we all know that Artificial Intelligence artificially intelleges

  27. Chatgpt is clearly playing 5d chess with multiversal time travel to make these moves

  28. Based of some of his omments i tnik it confuses who is which color and what move just got played for example at 11:50 his knight on e5 that he just moved there actually does the things he said your knight on f5 does

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