I Made ChatGPT Cry

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  1. Why I can't play against it.
    It says As an AI model i am not capipel of playing bord games

  2. This is the most hilarious thing I've watched today. Thank you Levy!

  3. It’s somehow funny how you say that ChatGPT decided that you won🫣😂

  4. 10/10 beating your meat turtorial would recommend

  5. ChatGPT is like a person trying to play blindfold with memory loss

  6. You didnt make chatgpt cry. The only one you made cry was stockfish

  7. it feels like you are raising it as a child. it learns to give check, to learn openings, to deliver checkmate and finally after a long time, the student becomes the master.

  8. 4:11 it kept calling me black, should be in a compilation of out of context compilation

  9. “It’s like a toddler”

    Not even 10 seconds later: ”I set a trap”

  10. I hope u know once AI rule the world because of this game Levy will be first to die

  11. Congratulations on beating Chess Challenger 10.

  12. Funny how stockfish just doesn’t work at all for these games lmao

  13. the "passiv aggressive son of a b-" got me 11/10

  14. Meanwhile, that pawn on d5 was praying for its life.

  15. 12:53 I'm the only one who noticed the victory he missed here
    Queen to b6 And from there every (legal) move he makes will end in victory
    (with the rook to h1)
    (Even if chatGPT makes a queen to e3, Take with the knight and it will end in victory)

  16. Oh yeah, the last game where it lost and then played the No U card.

  17. levi if AI becomes sentient you are the first to be tubed into the matrix!!!!!!!!!! don't make gptcry AI might remember this!!! loLjk

  18. It was funny when Levy started acting British lmao

  19. You can also ask ChatGPT to keep track of the moves. It seems like it helps. At least it seems like it understands that its playing white. When I played against it, Chatbot thought it could move a white piece in order to attack it's own piece because it mistook it's own pieces for mine.

  20. play against ChatGPT with monkey mode.

  21. Interesting stuff. ChatGPT really somewhat resembles a child (a rather nasty one, though) trying to cheat when in trouble. But I guess most of us believe that this view is only an interpretation which results from projecting human traits into the gpt. But actually the gpt isn't human at all. However, it seems the gpt is more likely to resort to illegal moves when its chances of winning are bad than when they are not so bad. But then again, maybe that's just incidential.

  22. Why does the evaluation bar like white so much after pawn to h3?

  23. can anyone tell me how i can turn off legal moves? i want to try this myself.

  24. I know the moment he was pulling pieces from off screen in the beginning it was gonna be a crazy match

  25. I wonder if in the future you can select the elo you want chat gpt to play at

  26. It's just like someone who's playing blind chess and they completely forgot the position

  27. ChatGPT : oh that's an illegal move
    *Levy with escanor voice*: who decided that?

  28. ChatGPT is like that one kid in elementary school who had a full on imaginary reality he would talk about during lunch.

  29. bro I played against chat GPT and it sacrificed the king💀

  30. Levy, I don't think ChatGPT is actually improving in real-time. They already trained it months ago, and now it's just running based on that. You're just getting different interactions with it each time based on what you say to it, plus a bit of random chance.

  31. Whenever ChatGPT starts losing it initiates the Gaslighting Gambit, convincing it’s opponent that is in fact not losing and that they are stupid. This style of play will likely find itself being played at the highest levels of chess soon

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