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00:00 Hello Everyone!

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  1. I’m enjoying this so much man, keep them coming ❤️

  2. It's quite good to see a true 2000 opponent for a change. I am bored of seeing 600 players with 80% accuracy. Splendid series.

  3. I like the cheeky checkmate. punish him for not resigning!

  4. Great series! If you read this, agad, please try to improvise a stop the video moment if you think on a good+ move, and maybe you'll even get some nice suggestions from the audience! Keep em coming!

  5. I would have taken the pawn with the knight.

  6. You should have seen b4 attack coming, it’s the best move in many positions.

  7. Morale of the story: Dont ever play queen b4 if you have played it before 🙂 Chess is so much fun, I became addicted 😀

  8. 3 :20 – i wouldv taken the d4 pawn with knight – extra pressure to the knight on f3 (his knight is pinned)

  9. Mr. Agadmator I love these videos, please continue posting rapid content! <3

  10. Bobby laughing when addisson played the scandanavion.

  11. Love this series of rapid games, feels like I can get more to improve my games from these videos than your usual vidoes.

  12. I don't care whether people watch this or not , this series will have its own loyal following.

  13. I really enjoy this chess with commentary

  14. Anyone else notice his pawn sacrifice on g5, allowing for a tempo to be won against the bishop on f4? Good, now flip the coordinates around as if he were playing as white and it all starts to make sense why he won this game.

  15. Getting lost in a Scandinavian forest…

  16. Rapid chess is easily the most viewer-friendly time format for me to follow. Classical takes too long, but gm level blitz is so fast to understand the position.

  17. Ever since I found your channel a few years ago, I haven't had to work as hard for my meals.

  18. 20:41 “rooks captures simply was better because…………” never gave the explanation 😂😂😂😂

  19. I can't believe a 2173 player keeps pushing wood for the last ten moves.

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