I Played a FAN at a Chess Tournament

After saving my last game in a big way, I am faced with a 2100+ 18 year old youngster from Spain!

Organizers of this lovely tournament:

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  1. Loving these updates. I've really been struggling with the Catalan, going to try out your line

  2. Another great game analysis, learning a lot! Your skills are at the next level. After not having played in a tournament for so long, you're doing a phenomenal job. I too can be impatient in chess. Hopefully, you'll grow and learn from the mistake.
    Good luck next round 💙

  3. Great informative video Zach! You played well that Game! Keep up the great work Zach.

  4. 13:31 a very strange position with both sides forfeiting the right to castle 😁

  5. It's so cool that you are in my country, grettings from Portugal!! 🇵🇹

  6. Bro you are so underrated hope you get more popular soon love from India

  7. You played an amazing game until you blundered that. Hope you can learn from that and convert in the future!

  8. why are u starting to sound like hans? apparently chess is an accent

  9. I‘m currently in Portugal too, but in the very south😅🌴

  10. the hardest thing in chess is probably to win a wining position

  11. These videos about fans are what keeps Zach so cool.

  12. You are doing great in the tournament. Take care. Be happy.

  13. It's OK man that was an amazing game next round try to be a little bit more patient ggz man

  14. I wanted to thank you for this particularly exciting video!👌

  15. I'm the guy you played this game against. It was an honor to meet you in person and on the board. It was a very fun game. Greetings from Spain

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