I Played An Undercover Chess GRANDMASTER

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  1. I know how to play chess I know we're all of the chess pieces go but I don't know what to learn next I need help 😅

  2. At least you got it out of your system before the tournament!

  3. I didn't notice the color change until you mentioned it. I had to go back to your older videos to check the board color.

  4. Everything you say about your recap in your opening and what you said and saw and now know is absolutely right but are you going to do it or you someone who can see it and know it and doesn't mean your going to do it,so I'll leave you with this that experience doing it is greater than experience seeing it for if you don't have it to remember your never going to know even if you see it😮

  5. The voice over during the actual board recording in real-time is so exciting and love you adding a deeper analysis at the end! Great new format!

  6. After you gave him the first check with the rook, couldn't you have played bf4 to threaten the queen and make her move?

  7. Levy, time to rename the channel to GMGothamChess

  8. I am glad that I am bad enough at chess that I would've made the same blunder as Gotham with Nd5 xD too enticing to not go for! f6 was a beautiful defensive resource

  9. so Levy just decided to play with some person in a bar and started shooting a video? i mean he knew that Sosa was a GM lol

  10. Greatly apprechiate the post-game analysis. I hope the retention is good enough to keep doing this, I really enjoyed it.

  11. I'm waiting for the day to see you as GM

  12. Jewelry should be precious metal so as a Jew should know it's not smart but in land of Christians who confiscate all Jewish properties in USA and Europe at least .

  13. Was he really undercover if he walked Up to the board and straight up told you that he's a gm? Hm?

  14. Iam still waiting for your coverage of Hikaru and alireza games in bullet championship
    Why that’s not coming out ?

  15. Really clever trying to play mind games with him and make him think you are more aggressive than you really are before you play him in tournament. Half the battle in a competitive game happens in your opponents mind, so you might as well play there too.

  16. levy really gambled everything on the board and won. F the eval bar bro we ball.

  17. Chess grandmasters are so unfamous all but about four are permanently under cover.

  18. >plays an undercover grandmaster
    >beats them

    "wait a minute, how did this happen? i thought we were smarter than this"
    – the grandmaster in question, probably

  19. The best way to beat a grounded minister is to sacrifice everything

  20. bishop trapped? no thats the gigachad umbrella bishop

  21. @GothamChess the link to thomas channel is dead

  22. If levy has connection issues he would probably never play blitz Lol😂

  23. I really liked the play by play for this type of rapid/blitz game. Commentary+ action keeps coming. Good job and a good game, way to keep your head.

  24. Haha, is this the bar at the casino? Hope you are enjoying Madrid, all the best Levy.

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