I Solved Chess

Two People Talking:

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  1. I feel like is safe to trade queens becouse you can exploit the isolated pawn as a weekness and the same can be said for the pushed pawn on the h file.

  2. It's the bush of hair over your head.
    It cools your brain, and acts an an electromagnetic resonator.

    Sadly, it will attract lightning on the next storm.

  3. You solved chees?
    I never knew that it was black that wins😮

  4. 14:34 can you play Queen G6? You are threatening to take the pawn and also threatening knight C2 fork.

  5. I can never catch the streams so please do more of these Levy

  6. the stare summoned a demon in my basement 10/10

  7. He could not castle you checked king early position

  8. I was doing the dishes and he called me out

  9. at the end he tried to use inspect to change the 17 precent to 97 and 1234 elo to 3400 thats why he took so long

    this a joke

  10. It always tells me my estimated elo is 500-700 points higher than what it is when I win and my right around my current elo when I lose. Weird.


  12. Will you be un-retiring from professional chess, then?

  13. Toast and Levy must be the wildest duo ive ever heard

  14. i definitly think that with this kind of play you could get your GM norms, just got to practice keeping your cool when playing other GM's and in tournaments maybe get some kind of therapist to help you with this and conquer your fear/stress Eddie Halle (the guy who set the deadlift record of 500kg) also got a therapist to help him get into a proper mindset for when he needed to lift and maybe thats all you need. We will all be rooting for you🍍🐭🚕

  15. Levy now is closer to be a gm more than ever
    Bro will be perfect

  16. Gotham, why is your residential window in the opposite direction compared to other publications ?

  17. levy i think you forgot to put the two people talking podcast link

  18. As the solution, I can confirm Levy was able to use me to solve chess

  19. My rating is only 1800 ,but most my games shows a rating estimate of 2200-2400 .I don't get it 🤷‍♂️

  20. I really loved how honest you were when you said im here to brag about my intelligence. This is a man I could break bread with.

  21. “bro thinks he’s Magnus fr ‘skull emoji’”

  22. I was working when he started yelling at me about using the video as background noise and i was like 😮

  23. Ever since Levy got chess lessons from Frank, Levy has been amazingly good

  24. "That's gotta be the worst IM opponent you've had" – 700 ELO me

  25. Pin me for no reason at all :))

  26. congratulations gentleman you survived the purge

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