I Solved Chess

Two People Talking:

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen guess what's more impressive. 100% inaccuracies. Aka my games.

  2. his eye shadow is bigger than his jewish income
    love him

  3. wow… nice one I love it… I've learned a lot… ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Did you start mirroring your video? The window is on a different side

  5. Bless ya Levy! It’s GREAT to see you play this way! And it’s NOT April the first!!😊👍

  6. I could get a 3400 game review quite easily. Just gotta learn how to photoshop in an extra zero.

  7. levy borrowed hans’ vibrating butt plug and thought we wouldn’t notice

  8. I swear this guy was watching me, I was just listening to him not watching xd

  9. how did bro know I was eating and put this on

  10. Not sure if Levy will ever see this, but I just wanted to thank him. I played a game of chess against my boss and beat him with the Caro Kann that I learned in Levy's course

  11. Why aren't u competing in tournaments Levy? Oh yes, your nerves. You need to overcome fear of losing.

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