I Trained Like A Chess Grandmaster

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Want to get into chess? Check out everyone featured in the video:
Levy Rozman (Gotham Chess) ►
Anna Rudolf (Anna_Chess) ►
Anna Cramling ►
Hikaru Nakamura (GMHikaru) ►
Alexandra and Andrea Botez (BotezLive) ►

Special thanks to Danny Rensch and Chess.com for making this episode possible!

Directed by Garrett Kennell ► ​
Edited by Silas Orteza ► ​
Director of Photography – Eric Lombart
Camera Operator – Nate Cornett
Assistant Editor – Madeline Puzzo ► ​
Castlemania Merch Designs – Derek Rudy ►


  1. U can also try with The best chess player Mr. Viswanath Anand the Indian player from INDIA With some more tactics. And awesome with this team and great game

  2. Bro this reminds me of Queens Gambit so much

  3. My like may not mean much, but your videos automatically illicits the like from me!

  4. This was great and awesome job reaching your goal!

  5. She should try taking the MCAT and see if she can study for the MCAT. Its very hard and considered one of he hardest exams known. Every pre-med has to take it.

  6. 8:40 I love the way she is teaching, so positive and trying also to take the same vibe as michelle while giving commentary on how she plays but in a way that she doesn't feel dumb

  7. Would love to see more challenge accepteds like this that are more mental than physical!

  8. Even though I know I would lose I would love to play a grandmaster

  9. I loved watching your journey with chess but I've never seen it played on screen like that before so I had no idea who was playing what the entire time :')

  10. This video is a cinematic masterpiece.

  11. How hard was it to hold this episode back while you spent additional months striving for ELO 1000? So worth it to include that part. Really nice episode. Also great editing at the end there. Just such a good episode. Congrats.

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