I Tried The Worst Chess Openings


0:00 Intro
2:45 Game 1 – awful
8:58 Game 2 – GENIUS
17:40 Game 3 – horrible

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  1. The quickest way to get someone out of their prep is to hit them with toilet water openings

  2. Loved this video! It’s great to see this smooth, chill vibe here.

  3. The most impressive thing is that levy actually crossed 2800 playing the worst openings 😂

  4. 2/10, sorry levy. It will grow back soon tho

  5. Haircut + Camera Framing gives old school levy vibes

  6. The lack of sarcasm warning ⚠️ in the intro allowed me to be extremely offended throughout the video

  7. Show us how to play the Sodium Attack (1.Na3) you coward!!!

  8. I've been sacrifing elo for humanity for more than a decade and that's exactly why I'm a legend!

  9. Levy's new haircut makes him look like a 7 year old

  10. You should’ve studied a bit more theory for the grob after d4 the best move is h3

  11. Respect for knowing Borusia Dortmund ❤❤❤ love and greetings from Dortmund Germany

  12. Nononononoooooooo put it back

  13. Levy why would you cut you're hair that short if you're balding

  14. completely happy with the final rating
    makes me feel satisfaction

  15. can you do a video about the horwitz defense?

  16. The grob is only considered to be the "worst" opening by Stockfish because it shares the first move with the Fools Mate

  17. When I clicked and saw levy I couldn’t help but smile seeing levy after having a haircut just feels weird but funny 😂

  18. Levy barely talked the barber out of a full fade.

  19. next time you should play the Magnus Carlsen Gambit

  20. People that went to the comment section after seeing his new haircut

  21. Im pretty sure there is a reason but i can not find why in 5:40 didn't take the bisop with his bisop

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