I Tried YOUR Terrible Chess Ideas

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Chess goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Intro – 0:00
Idea 1 – 0:17
Idea 2 – 2:33
Idea 3 – 8:50
Bonus Idea – 13:55

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  1. Idea: otb chess but the pieces are made out of cheese and you eat a piece to capture it

  2. Playing with the eval bar is useless if you don't think

    Also 2 months of membership

  3. Day 3(i think)Bluds making chess into an rpg game💀

  4. Chess, but the queen is having an existential crisis, she only moves like a pawn untill she promotes

  5. this is why i never comment terrible ideas.

    690th view and 69th like lets goooo

    1:01 "this sneaky little basterd" -chessnuke

  6. chessnuke my rook got pinned by the bishop but i moved the king and somehow it was brilliant ( my 3rd brilliant)

  7. Idea: Playing chess while on a trampoline or walking 100 steps for every move against martin (It id crazy ik)

  8. Chess but you have 3 kings I don't know how it'll work

  9. bad idea : develop your pieces and then undevelop them (king count)

  10. why do you have north korea as your flag

  11. Idea: Chess vs Pablo bot but every time you get checked, you do 10 pushups

  12. I got 94% accuracy for the first time today🥳

  13. Terrible idea : run your king directly into enemy attacks

  14. do a thing where u make tutorials for us viewers

  15. Make a series where your subscribers send you their best games and call it best sub games

  16. 2nd comment 1st view and 2nd like

    Soooo close to get the legendry place

  17. Banana opening and gambit speed run.Unbreakable and undefeatable

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