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  1. Why does the digital board move right over the course of the video? Did you accidentally do a keyframe?

  2. Good Job Rozman for Returning Back to Your Road To GM.
    Excited For Part 2 and 3😃

  3. Congratulations on your win!

    I don't like the video very much though, because what's the point of just watching you make moves? It would've been nicer if you did a small analysis at least, where you explain your thoughts. I understand there's the patreon, but this video doesn't really have any value to me (sorry if this sounds harsh, I don't want to randomly hate).

  4. Yo Gotham can you please do Norway chess recaps

  5. GM or no GM, this guy is the best chess player in my opinion, He teaches everything to us, he spreads his knowledge to all of us, and makes our chess skills better, making chess much more competitive in the near future.

  6. From the thumbnail I thought you'd beaten Firouzja 😀

  7. Levy, you dumb child, throughout the game I kept noticing your composure! Keep it going, alright?

  8. I prefer when you breakdown your games move by move rather than watching you play live ❤

  9. What is this 'milking' crap? He's a content creator, that's what he does. Create content based on what he does. Just like every other content creator out there. Cheese guys!

  10. Dude!!!!! You exactly look like @TheKurtaGuy!!!! It’s like he’s your Indian brother!!!!!

  11. you should put the time in the corner of the video

  12. I will miss the recaps of games😢😢😢😢

  13. i guess bro is busy learning so he feeds us cctv stuff.

  14. I reached 87 elo today. Pretty sure that means I can beat levy

  15. This journey is what we have been waiting for for years go on Levy !

  16. I love that you played guess the elo with him at the end hahaha

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