Icelandic Gambit Ideas and Other Example Games – Rating Climb 557 to 606 ELO ( Speedrun)

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0:00 – Game 1 – Queen’s Pawn Game
10:51 – Game 2 – Rage quit!
18:27 – Game 3 – Why f6 is a mistake
22:17 – Game 4 – Double fianchetto and king in the center
29:22 – Game 5 – Tough opponent!
41:03 – Game 6 – The TRICKY GAMBIT (Icelandic Gambit – Scandinavian)

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  1. I think I'll stick with playing the Blackmar-Deimer Gambit lol

  2. I hear Icelandic gambit I click. It’s his us one of my favorite openings

  3. 12:35 the enemy could've forked your knight and bishop with d5 which would've made him almost equal in material/position taking in consideration that he is able to protect the pawn that caused the fork.

  4. 19:05 pawn push it makes that threat available 😭Edit: never mind I remembered a position where my opponent put the knight to b4, but. Chasing the knight away with b3 will make the threat available

  5. Addicted to your rating games! At 5:42 why didn't you just take his Pawn with knight, attacking his rook at same time?

  6. 21:00 you could have just take the knight on c6 which would have attacked opponents queen and if pawn takes you could fork the king and rook with the bishop

  7. It’s strange that watching you the moves you make seem so obvious to me. I can call them out before you make them sometimes. But when I play, nothing seems obvious anymore and I blunder every other move lol

  8. At this level i think one of the most important things to remember is to keep looking for better moves even if you find a move you like. And double check everything

  9. Thanks Nelson you are very easy to understand Paul

  10. 13:01 he could've taking your knight with the queen during your fork. how would you have followed up? never mind the bishop was in the corner lol

  11. *Me playing chessThis guy is my opponentπŸ’€

  12. Why not Kn to H6 with your time at 7:48 vs Hellojazzmin ?? You would be discovering to take the knE6 and protecting the BG3 and attacking the R G8 ?? looks good Peter ..

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