I’m done.

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  1. Anand at the height of his powers was something to behold. I remember vividly following his WCC match vs Topalov. A true titan of the game.

  2. Props for levy for showing us how to do a squad.

  3. I've had it with the clickbait titles for real, I swear one day you're going to have an absolutely amazing video and I'll read the title that perfectly summarises the content of this flawless video and I won't even watch it because I'll be like "oh yeah sure Levy, like the 300 times you've been 'done'…"

    Idk if you're happy with that or not but there it is.

    Why not just honestly summarise the video for the title?

  4. A QUARTER OF THE PLANET is Fasting Ramadan starting today and Levy fails to include. disappointing.

  5. Dear levy , I watch every single one of your videos , they are very entertaining and educational , but do I learn anything from them? Ofc not am lazy , but I do love playing chess , I play the most horrendous games imaginable , I have a current Elo of 709 in rapid , 508 in blits and we don't talk about bullet , I wish you could see my rapid games because each one is sure to make you laugh (user is Buzzultran btw) , even you comment readers are welcome to watch and make fun of because am all for it

  6. Not trying to be the pinned comment but your titles are kinda dumb, if this was titled Anand’s immortal game or something along those lines this video would have like a million views from the Indian audience

  7. @gothamchess Where can I send you a disgusting game that you will love? If you don’t like it I buy you dinner

  8. Call Kramnik! 100% is impossible. Cheating detected!

  9. Levy — I'm Done
    Andrew Sheman — But whyy

  10. Amazing game.

    Great commentary.

    Possibly my favourite GothamChess video.

  11. I don't think Levy's heels touched the ground.

  12. And head-to-head chess pales in comparison to head-to-head Go/Weiqi/Baduk. Watch the documentary AlphaGo and learn what real intelligence is.

  13. Levy isn't done til Magnus says he's done.

  14. Day 6 of asking Gotham to cover Anand Vs Aronian 2013. Edit:Thanks for covering it, Gotham!

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