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  1. That was a game in itself, white lost because he really didn’t play how most of us would normally play, he gave a lot pieces away throughout the match as well, don’t quit because of this game, if you love the game that’s all you need, if it makes u happy for you, no one else should be able to take that from you,love the content!!

  2. The best thing I've seen all week 😂 So don't leave G

  3. Haha — made my day… But, on second thought, has to be a fake game….

  4. If I was him I would definitely kms (keep myself safe)😂

  5. My mouth was stuck wide open for over a minitue after seeing that.

  6. you should stick around cause of your amazing audience

  7. White's momma never taught them to not play with their food?

  8. LOL you really believe he gonna quit? not in a million years guys, this how he make a living, why he want to quit?

  9. Levi! I started 700ish now 1200 , your dark knight gambit alone took me 200 elo higher

  10. This is funniest thing I saw today. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  11. you help peopel get better at chess and make our day funniyer, and for the sake of this not happenng to often, teach us, and stik around to show you are stronger then what acured in this video

  12. Levy I hear you, thats just too sick, it tarnishes the game of chess to its death

  13. Every video you make teaches us something although unbelievable as it is this video also taught us something that you should respect your opponents. So don’t quit!!!!😊

  14. Levy i just want you to know how i got better at chess in few months 4 months ago my friends got me into chess and i ussually get checkmated in 5 or 6 moves mostly but then i started watching you and after a 2 months watching you and playing i got very good and even won a third place in my school chess tournament and i started from 500 elo and now im 1330 elo and thank you levy

  15. I don't know openings well, but it has absolutely been your content that has taught me to watch the opponent's position, thanks Levy

  16. Since you are threatening us to encourage you, or you will stop uploading, I call blackmail.
    (Keep up the good work)

  17. You're the only way I can clean my house.

    Without your videos I will loose my sonnin a pile of dog hair and unorganised recycling

  18. There's something hilarious and ironic in having 3 queens but not being able to use them to avoid stalemate

  19. I started playing Chess in December 2023. I'm still a beginner. I play Blitz mostly and I hit 600 elo last week and I was very happy about it.

  20. The rooks will overpopulate with no one to sacrifice them

  21. u need to stay to continue shitting on games like this to the masses

  22. the only thing my pops ever taught me was how to play chess and learning more to share with him has helped me reconnect.

  23. You are the reason I started chess, Dont quit!

  24. You need to watch your Videos yourself, that's the only medicine I know

  25. Take it easy! 😀 This wasn't chess, this was only crazy toilet sudoku with chessboard 😛 You are my favorite chess commentator, you entertain the chess community, so just continue pls 😀

  26. @Levy do you know how your parents brought you into this world? Through a MATING RITUAL that kind of looked like this game, so obviously chess is your destiny!

    I can’t tell whether you’re genuinely annoyed by this game or just trying to be funny… in case of the former, there are 8 billions of us, if you’re gonna give up on stuff when you disagree with someone, I’m not sure “reinventing yourself” would do any good.

    I like the chess course I bought from you and was genuinely pleased by your attitude towards Hans, where you said you’d be looking at his games, while the internet seems to exaggerate mockery around him. Yup, there’s definitely goofy stuff out there, but also lots we can learn from.

  27. levy: i would like for u to try to pick me up
    meanwhile whenever someine writes somethin good on twitch
    levy: shut up u absolute bozo no one cares*

  28. Great review, never surrender. And shoutout tot the 800 guy for realising the stalemate freedom of queen madness.

  29. when black sacrificed THE QUEEN i could actually hear it. "Goin' in the wind is an eddy of the truth and it's naked

    It's verbatim and it's shakin'"

  30. I want that position on a motivational poster with "Hang In There!" at the bottom.

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