INCREDIBLE Armageddon Game Between Carlsen And Nakamura

INCREDIBLE Armageddon Chess Game Between Carlsen And Nakamura!! Epic chess from the Champions Chess Tour Final In Toronto, Canada. Magnus Carlsen with white and Hikaru Nakamura with black. epic accuracy chess and a great battle betwee Carlsen and Hikaru.

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  1. Pouring one out for Wesley gotta feel for him, that rejection was brutal 🥃

  2. Denis the menace 🤣🤣🤣
    That's huge! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. I subscribed quite a bit more than four weeks ago, and I’m still not a GM. I want my money back!

  4. Damn! What a commentary. I absolutely enjoyed it

  5. Too bad no one got to watch it because the production focused the entire armaggeddon section on one irrelevant and boring game.

  6. Bro you had me with the goat 🐐 joke 😂 that was hilarious

  7. I'm enjoying your channel man but you saying "you're more likely become a grandmaster in 3-4 weeks" with a straight face is something else 😂

  8. showing her support for the greatest of all time lol… goat sound

  9. I should maybe start using more thumbnails like this one 😂

  10. I subscribed ages ago and not yet a GM. Must have a read the instructions wrong. I have improved my Queen sacrifices though.

  11. I did not subscribe, because you said 'if you subscribe you have a chance of becoming a grand master in a couple of weeks'. That is not right. I did like the video though, good summary.

  12. Grandmaster in 3 to 4 weeks for liking and subscribing 🤣 that's gold James. You are a grandmaster commentator👍

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