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  1. a 3200 bot blundered a queen in the first 4 moves

  2. "sit on the board an- and play with yourself"


  3. Levi is dum Stockfish are 4,000 elo, 🙄

  4. “The Tal, the short, and whatever this is” 💀

  5. When Levi says “which is the best move”, is it not based on Stockfish 16 which makes all the best moves ?

  6. Its a bit confusing when both are just called "Stockfish" 😅

  7. Crazy to realise if you play all the best moves according to the eval bar and analisis here you will still lose to stockfish 16

  8. When you think stockfish 16 blunders a rook then realising your only 800 rated, okay it didn't 😅

  9. It is funny to me how you are calling stockfish 16 "the older brother," but isn't stockfish 15 older than stockfish 16?

  10. All that Kings Gambit bashing and then – living proof it is playable even at the highest level… But head into the sand – Gotham still thinks it is a bad opening 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Btw – I also had them play (15 vs 16) and stopped the engine tournament (arena) after 5 draws from the start position. (15min+10s)

  11. “He plays d5, which is the best move”
    Well no shit 😂

  12. Tell me you need to make 30 min videos without telling me.

  13. Not Levy getting distracted by the claps😂😂

  14. I just here to point out that stockfiish16 technically a younger theoretically slightly more gifted sibling

  15. Why couldn't black capture rook on C8 in the first match?

  16. Who else gets inspired to play chess through Gotham and finishes a game with 8 blunders

  17. It’s funny when you say “Stockfish played ___, which is the best move.”

    Who’s determining what the best move is?

    Oh… Stockfish

  18. My fiancee said your shirt looks gay XDDDD And we both think you look great!

  19. Does nobody remember Alphazero? It was the best chess engine by far and then everyone stopped talking about it and it basically disappeared. I’m so confused

  20. Stockfish 15: who are you?
    Stockfish 16: i’m you but stronger

  21. Stockfish 16 isn't real, that's just Magnus playing.

  22. 4 Million subscribers! So cool to watch you grow. I've been here since about 2 Million, so not an OG but still really happy for you!

  23. Is this new computer a Chad version of Stockfish? ChadFish? StockChad?

  24. I found bishop H6. So, who am I?

  25. I wonder, are there any Levi impersonators, cause that would be funnyyyy…

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