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  1. Damn in that second game black only crossed the other half of the board twice before the end game ☠️

  2. what a joke of a video. sstockfish is nowheer near 10000 elo and you clickbaited us once again. nice try levy, youre lot getting me to click

  3. But AlphaZero is much better than Stockfish. Unfortunately, it's closed project.

  4. Iman gadzhi and Levy Rozman looks same! NO DOUBT!

  5. Levy just keeps saying that is the best move, but 'best move' is defined by the bot that it playing 💀

  6. 8:57 why cant king take on c8 ????

    it just wnis a rook right ?

  7. I wear glasses and smudged glasses are my weakness in life. Respect for pretending you could deal with that

  8. Stock fish 15 vs stock fish 16 while being judged with an eval bar of another lower level stock fish

  9. KG is OP. That's just fantastic stuff.

  10. I would've loved this video even more if Chat GPT wasn't invited.

  11. Did he just say he doesnt believe in video editng? 🤣🤣 Like its some kind of conspiracy?

  12. why did black not take the rook at 8:57? am i missing something?

  13. When stock stockfish fight against stockfish, either stockfish draws or wins.

  14. As a king's gambit player I'm proud of stockfish 15 for reaffirming that my favorite opening is OP

  15. 8:57 wait what am I missing here?! Why did the King not take the rook?

  16. Would Stockfish 16 be the younger sibling since it is newer or the older sibling because it is the culmination of all previous versions?

  17. Even being 47 elo ahead of Stockfish 15, he still managed to win against his new version. That is just crazy.

  18. We need to find out AlphaZero can beat this devil or not

  19. 8:56
    Rook C8? Um rook sack? Denied? Someone wanna explain?

  20. wait wait wait at 8:00 white hangs a rook but the queen doesn’t take it?!

  21. I wonder where he practiced his “clapping”

  22. 1st move. SACRIFICE THE KING.
    No more tension 😂😂😂

  23. Really cool that you’re showing us this stockfish thing even if it isn’t that well known, hope it can become a gem one day

  24. at 6:00 why didn't black just move to rook to b1 to ca[ture the white rook?

  25. This is the most entertaining chess commentary around. And I learn a lot from it too.

  26. And this is why the Kings Gambit is my favorite opening. Will I ever play it past 2000? Probably not. Does it work and is fun as hell? Yaaaaaaaaaas!

  27. I liked for the slap!! that was a freaking hilarious reaction!!

  28. Levy just loud claps and is like oOooOoohHh (no disrespect toward you because o would do the same)

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