INSANE Cheating Update


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  1. Let’s be honest, cheating in professional online chess is rife

  2. No reasonable chess player thinks Haikaru is cheating, this is a waste of time due to some jealousy from Kramnik

  3. When Kramnik starts going after kids, I don't care about his hateful messages he previously received

  4. At OTB tournaments, what about other players looking at games and making facial expressions? If observed by the players this is outside feedback regarding their positions and should be disallowed too.

  5. Don't know WHAT will help. Giving Kramnik another platform (here) doesn't seem it'd help. Some friend of his should hear his complaints and calm him down. Offscreen.
    All of this untrust is hurting everyone equally. Chess was getting mainstream. This is tiresome. I just wanna watch some cool chess games/moves, enough of this drama. Hans' dramas already took a toll on me, now this..

  6. Invite him on and mediate between a statistician and him?

  7. Make 1 or 2 Inaccuracies and Mistakes to avoid cheating accuses

  8. I think that Hans is a Niemann, that Denis is a Lazavik and that Levy never fails to state this.

  9. Your youtube videos are shifting to news and funny moments rather then inspirational of Magnus Carlson

  10. the elo system must get refined. farming elo in this way how it is done now makes it incorrect. also because there are too many time formats within one category. in this case kramnik is for 100% right. someone can push his elo in a time limit he feels more comfortable but get destroyed in anotherone within the same category. for example danya. superstrong in 1min games but by far not as strong in 3 min games.

    a difference of 300 elo means 85:15 wins.
    400 elo 91:9
    500 elo 95:5

    stats proof that such long streaks are unlikly. there should be an elo for every single time frame to reduce farming.

    what is wrong with investigastions of suspicious situations? thats how justice works.
    the problem are the people who never forgive a mistake or even worse, belive in wrong accusations even when they are proofed wrong.

    the anti-cheating systems will never work accurate if people are no idiots.

    real world: how often get people accused by law but get free? very often. thats how justis works

  11. Lemme know if your one of those who dont understand a thing and just watched the entire video

  12. We should organise a Kramnik vs. Erdoğmuş match to see who REALLY is better. That oughta humble him a little bit!

  13. Not Kramnik: I heard this interesting thing the other day that made me reconsider my absolute stance and approach, and motivated me to engage in open discussions to hear people out, and got me hungry to learn more.

  14. Inviting him and challenging him on exactly your last few points would be very worthwhile. Falsely accusing a kid with his kramnik’s considerable platform is ethically very questionable at best.

  15. Im sure the basic school education in russia in the '70/'80 was surely enough to calculate chess winning streaks and enable you to see mistakes in it at a glance…

  16. I know kramnik is wrong, but I feel so bad for kramnik. He believes the entire world is against him.

  17. This is flatly embarrassing behavior by Kramnik. Attacking the kid in particular is especially low. He's acting like a gibbering conspiracy theorist. He clearly lacks the mathematical background to contest any of this, despite his prodigious chess skill. That Real Madrid comparison is utter nonsense. In a game as deterministic as chess, it's not unlikely at all that the best player in the world would win 46 games in a row. Pro sports teams playing against other pros routinely approach that in some sports, and sports has smaller skill gaps and dozens of confounding variables that chess lacks.

    Are people cheating in chess? Absolutely. Is it as absolutely epidemic as he makes out? Almost certainly not, and it's incredibly disappointing to see other high level players thinking the same way. People are allowed to be better than you, or were at that age. He and they are really good at chess and should be proud of that, but it feels like their ego is making them incapable of admitting someone else might be better than them legitimately. This is the same behavior that immature 12 year olds on CoD display when they scream about their opponents hacking. I expected better of them.

  18. You’re right but the difference is magnus didn’t got insane like kramnic and at least magnus provided proof and tangible evidence !

  19. Kramnik has gone insane and he's just going on about the same statement and it's just for attention grabbing

  20. How do you even conduct a statistical analysis in chess? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that Chess is knowledge and skill based.

  21. Does Levon relate this to the merger because it reduced competition and thus disincentived the platforms to 'properly address the cheating issue, etc.'?

  22. Finally a non clickbait video because of the thumbnail

  23. Shouldn't magnus be muted too? He did accuse hans of cheating, talk about double standards.

  24. Hikaru vs kraken chess boxing ,let’s make it happen

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