INSANE Cheating Update


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  1. Levy says he should only invite Kramnik because he's view hungry, suggesting that he's not, is as genius as hilarious

  2. Kramnik is the perfect example of an old fart who refused to accept that the new era will always surpass its predecessors.

  3. You can invite him on and discuss what changes could be made. You may agree or disagree with the changes that are requested and then you can debate that as well. I think it would be great content as long as the debate is done with respect

  4. Kramnik's whole argument was that players shouldn't be above the law. Why is Ian now suggesting that since Kramnik is a great player, he should be above the law???

  5. I am so happy Nepo did not win the WC. What a loser.

  6. I feel like people just form opinions without reading any of the ToS

  7. I mean, it seems this whole thing boils down to: chess players used to share one single social skill passed between them, but now Levy has hoarded it for his YouTube channel.

  8. Thank you gotham I'd had a rough christmas

  9. Victim mentality is bad and needs treatment

  10. I don’t know how they could possibly kick Kramnik out given what happened with magnus and hans. I feel like magnus’ accusation was just as unhinged as Kramnik’s.

  11. Kramnik has punished himself. The old world champ that cried wolf

  12. So, Levy Rozman won't invite Kramnik, which doesn't surprise me.

    We thought you had balls Levy, like Batman, but only Chessbrah has.

  13. Vlad claims he's just going by the math, but his point has been shredded by a mathematician, and people have pointed out a dozen or so factors not accounted for in his model. I've only seen him double down and repeat himself, I have not ever seen him address these issues in a way that's credible. Besides, Nakamura just doesn't cheat and this is obvious, you can literally watch him play his moves instantly on camera, often over the board, you can listen to him talk through the moves, you can see the wild fluctuations in the eval in the games themselves…
    Sorry but these sore losers are not entitled to disparage someones reputation publicly after the matter has been investigated, that's called slander and it isn't legal.

  14. Maybe the real cheating scandal is the friends we made along the way

  15. If the world is concerned about cheating,then why does online chess games have ratings. Make it as a platform to practice among the players in a fun and engaging way. My personal opinion is that online chess shouldn't have rating points given

  16. This could be more clickbating if for example… delete word "cheating" from the title.

  17. So in saudi arabia yağız kaan scored 6/7 and played 2750 in last week ok kramnik?

  18. If the merch came in a k8ds size, I would probably get it.

  19. Chess online is a competition to check who is the more clever cheater. Chess should be only allowed in presence.

  20. Chess is a game that encourages paranoia. A lot of people who are very good at the game become paranoid off of the chess board too.

  21. I think of Kramnik as chess's Alex Jones IN A CERTAIN WAY. People like this are important because in throwing out accusations and highlighting potential corruption, enough attention remains focused that most of it is dissuaded. We can't take any one claim made by them as trustworthy. But they are likely right about many things that would otherwise be overlooked entirely.

  22. That bit about Real Madrid scoring three goals makes absolutely no sense at all.

  23. I don't think Kramnik knows enough about statistics and probability as a science to claim long streaks are impossible. Fact is, statistics is hard and often counter intuitive. Hell, Hikaru very likely steamrolled in the beginning before his ELO rose to a descriptive level. Anyone good just starting will.

  24. One of the things I despise most is people who refuse to change objectively incorrect views. Math is not biased, and the math is very clear. This isnt even complicated. Hikaru has 99+% win odds against 2500s in any given game. And even worse, he is making the same idiotic fucking claims over and over. His math is NOT. CORRECT. Theres no "opinions" here. There is a right and a wrong. Kramnik is completely wrong about everything regarding Hikaru. If you agree with him, you are wrong. Change your mind immediately.

  25. NO he isn’t accusing he is saying it’s suspicious


  27. 1st off if a player who let’s say had was close to a Grand Master wanted to cheat to complete with GrandMasters it is IMPOSSIBLE to catch because they know exactly what they need to make it look not too obvious

  28. How is 2,600 the same as 3,100? wtf are you talking about? You basically proved it was BS!

  29. Anti cheat statistics can distort the perception of cheating, because statistics can be misleading Levy has covered this topic well. With the sheer volume of games played, streaks happen. Accusations need to be presented more discreetly than kramnik has asserted, because slander is incredibly damaging, when untrue. Trump is leading the primary now because his lies are repeated ad nauseam until weaker minded people just believe them.

  30. Kramnik is behaving like someone who won the Nobel Prize in physics and insists that en passant is forced because everyone knows that since preschool and since he got the Nobel Prize he is so smart and everyone should listen to him. I mean.. Kramnik is just wrong and he clearly does not understand statistics. Lots of people who did not study statistics make basic mistakes and even some who did study it (google Monty Hall problem for a fun example).

  31. Magnus did to Hans what Kramnik is doing to Hikaru and the twelve y/o, but you still wanna add in your "technically" there wasn't enough evidence in the sinquefield cup game. You ARE Kramnik.

  32. I am an individual in the chess world.

    No seriously, that was me

  33. "false accusations" being the keywords in the rules here. Of course most won't believe they're false

  34. kramnik is not bringing anything into light , he is just muddling the waters, not cleaning the pond. I wonder how many matches he wins lately. Should we be worried that he cheats?

  35. Kramnik dug the hole too deep and realised the only way out was to keep digging

  36. Russian statistician says Russian is right.

  37. Side note: Levi What happened to all the people who accused Anna Rudolf of cheating in 2008ish(?) its one of Agadmator top 10 most watched video is discussing it.

  38. Just found out Chess drama is the most boring thing in the world, thanks!

  39. At the end of the day . that's all i get from this video .

  40. Seems more like a battle between statisticians

  41. If the ‘goatee’ blue mist hoodie is a pre-order item why is it sold out 😢

  42. Kramnik, if you’re reading this: if I flip 10000 quarters, i expect at some point to maybe get a streak like 30 long. If I flip 30 quarters, i do not expect that streak.

  43. The “right” way to deal with this issue is to let people say however feel, and let the public decide whom they wish to believe. I know chess is an international game, but censorship shouldn’t be applauded.
    Btw, I think Kramnik is kind of an idiot for doing things as he has, but the reaction to him is silly.

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