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  1. Bro needed to assure us there is another men's game before he showed the women's game 💀

  2. easiest way to win…promote to 4 knights and make a stalemate….gotham's cheeky remarks are op😄😜😝…23:03

  3. Me a year ago before my friend introduced me to chess: "yeah, chess is alright, doesn't interest me much but i respect it"


  5. 26:49 he said that accidentally or does he say that for the memes?

  6. Shout-out to young Kazakh chess generation! Win vs Magnus and draw vs Alireza

  7. 28/oct/2023
    sorry grandmother ,grandfather and aunts ……i can't help you….

  8. Chess is the only game in which players dance in the middle of game😂😂

  9. at 5:08, I had to pause this video because levys book that i preordered just got to my home in washington state, its 11:00 at night so i guess i'm not sleeping tonight lol

  10. Yo I just saw you on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares! My dude is playing the game in different dimensions

  11. Just got my book in the mail! Excited to read it and improve from 850 ELO to 600 ELO.

  12. A draw playing with black against one of the top 5 is a pure in imo.

  13. I was looking for this recap but this title kinda confused me.. I thought it was an engine game… If you want to title your video like that at least include in the thumbnail the logo of the tournament or sometthing… maybe tons of people didn't open the video not realizing it's the recap they wanted

  14. Рамазан хорош, показал Фирудже что может

  15. They need tournaments where a draw counts as a loss. Then I guarantee you we’d see some really exciting games.

  16. Levy's jokes are just so funny internationally HAHAHA, i, Indonesian, can even laugh

  17. Lazavik needs to face off against Tyler1 !

  18. Got the book today ! I will be leaving a review ASAP 🙂

  19. Got the book and am so excited to start learning from it!! Thanks Gotham!

  20. Levy never fails to get "levy never fails" comments

  21. Promote to 4 knights, make a stale mate xd

  22. Am i tripin or is his voice different

  23. Radoslaw spending most of his time as vishy's second is paying dividend.

  24. I just bought the book on Amazon . I am 600 at 12 years old. I can’t wait to read. You are my biggest fan Levi.

  25. I’m in NYC until Monday. You you point me where to buy the book?

  26. That IM getting a draw vs Ali was unreal. Not to mention my guy was already 2-0 AND going against the #3 player in the world. Just silly.

    Please show his next match too!!! Even if he loses or plays like shit, need to see it reviewed by you!!

  27. Pin my comment and pretend i said something about something about your video that i find offensive and pretend im either 14 or 45+ years old

  28. Wwaste Levy, Useless levy. You know man only empty vessel makes a lot of noise. That's exactly why you keep screaming

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