INTERMEDIATE Chess Bot Speedrun

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  1. I got baned on chess for "cheating "but i did not do anything and i can not create acount i was one win a way from 1000 elo

  2. Me watching the ad. Not because I enjoyed it. But because my Internet sucks and was forced to watch so I didn't lag 😭

  3. Sven is Magnus Carlsen. Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen

  4. Gotham quote of the day “He lasted quite a long time actually …. Uhh that was fun” 😂😂😂

  5. Love this series, would love seeing you beat noam the 2200 bot

  6. Definitely gonna need the advanced bot speedrun

  7. Loved this. Please do the advanced bot speed run.

  8. 6:55 Wait a minute, isn't Queen's Gambit usually after d4d5? d4c6 looks like that mistake that you mentioned in your Karo Khan video (trying to shoehorn it against every opening).

    12:11/12:18 Isn't that why you tell beginners not to play bots to get better at chess? Because they would play well above their rating and then self-destruct?

    13:37 This is the intermediate bot run.

    14:36 She's not ChatGPT

    21:3621:53 I'm with you. What even is that sequence? Did the worse players of the GTE/How to Lose at Chess cast take over Nelson here?

    25:2526:00 Uh, are you sure Nelson is the worst intermediate bot?

    28:19 I think you mean the one before the last one.

    28:35 I don't know if this option is blessed by Stockfish (likely not because of some absurd defensive measure), but there's a possible missed tactic here: Nd4. If Qxd4, you are up a Queen and a pawn for the Rook and Knight (not ideal, admittedly). But if Nxd4, then you could trade off the Rooks and the Bishop with check.

  9. Nelson losing is probably one of the most satisfying chess bot to see lose

  10. please do the advanced speed run bot, I enjoyed this video!

  11. Satisfying to see Nelson destroyed like that. MOLOOOOO

  12. Levy is a fucking nomad. I swear he moves every month

  13. do youtubers/streamers bot speedrun

  14. PPEASEE do advanced bots cannot wait to see you lose to nelson 2

  15. It takes me like 10 minutes for me to beat martin💀

  16. Levy didn't stare into my soul like he always does in the beginning of his videos

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