Is He The Chosen One? (part 2) || Carlsen vs Praggnanandhaa vs || Fide World Cup (2023)

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Photos by Lennart Ootes

Carlsen, Magnus (2835) – Praggnanandhaa R (2690)
FIDE World Cup ( [66] 2023.08.23
C48 Four knights, Rubinstein counter-gambit, exchange variation

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bb5 Nd4 5.Nxd4 exd4 6.e5 dxc3 7.exf6 Qxf6 8.dxc3 Bc5 9.Qe2+ Qe6 10.Bf4 Qxe2+ 11.Kxe2 c6 12.Bd3 d5 13.c4 dxc4 14.Bxc4 Bf5 15.Rhd1 O-O 16.Bd3 Be6 17.Kf1 Rfe8 18.b3 Rad8 19.Re1 h6 20.Rad1 Kf8 21.f3 Bb4 22.Re4 Bc5 23.Rde1 Bd5 24.Rxe8+ Rxe8 25.Bf5 Rxe1+ 26.Kxe1 Ke7 27.c4 Be6 28.Bxe6 Kxe6 29.h3 h5 30.Ke2 g6

00:00 Hello Everyone!

The Chess World Cup 2023 is a 206-player single-elimination chess tournament that will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 30 July to 24 August 2023.[1] It will be the 10th edition of the Chess World Cup. The top three finishers in the tournament will qualify for the 2024 Candidates Tournament.[2][3]

The tournament will be held in parallel with the Women’s Chess World Cup 2023.

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  1. Chess players should adopt Usain Bolts policy of eating KFC to avoid these sorts of tummy troubles😂

  2. I agree with Magnus classic chess is boring, and makes you think way to much, why rapid and bullet makes you a better chess player because one single mistake can cost you the game.

  3. Yes both pragg and chandrayan well played 🎉

  4. If magnus had to leave to drop off stuff 😉, would he have lost the game? Would fide pause the clock? Considering how ruthless they've been with rules starting clocks at exact moment & 15mins rule etc do you think that would have been fair?

  5. Somehow Agad makes even the most boring, an epic event.

  6. Game 1 prag rating was 2723, game 2 prag rating is 2690, so what is it?

  7. I like your analysis. Been following you for quite some time. Love from India

  8. Thank-you Magnus and Pragnananda for agreeing quick draw and allowing millions across the globe to watch pragnyan smooth landing on the Moon. 🙏🙏

  9. The Indian name "Chandrayaan" is a combination of two Sanskrit words: "Chandra," which means "moon," and "Yaan," which means "vehicle" or "craft." So, "Chandrayaan" translates to "mooncraft" or "moon vehicle,"

  10. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Nijat cheated before right?

    Why does Magnus play cheaters Parham, Pranav & Sébastien Feller but not Hans?

    My theory was that Magnus plays only gentile non-American cheaters (like Magnus who is a gentile non-American cheater) but Magnus plays Nijat whom I guess is Jewish since supposedly top players of former Soviet Union are Jewish.

    So either

    1 – Magnus hates only American cheaters.

    2 – Magnus is a liar.

    More info :


    Why does Nijat get in the candidates but Zhongyi doesn't? #suggestion

  11. Two historic moments on the same day would be too much. It is ok, we can wait.

  12. I'm pretty sure magnus has claimed food poisoning at least 1 other time.

  13. GOATs without a World Cup win:
    Magnus Carlsen
    Cristiano Ronaldo

  14. Agad why dont you marry magnus then will be a husband of a GM and both of child would be gen chess player

  15. Did we really need to analyze this epic snoozefest?

  16. Fischer random is not technically chess 😂😂

  17. the usual superb concise analysis from Antonio…………😊

  18. Carlsen on the preview looks like Joker from The Dark Knight

  19. No offense but this is the most boring game imaginable

  20. Magnus is a mad man of chess.🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. top 1: drunk magnus
    top 2- magnus

    top 3 – magnus recovering

    top 4 – sick magnus

  22. what happened to Magnus. commentator said, We wish Magnus a speedy recovery and he is back for tie break tomorrow

  23. Commentators: the position is pretty drawish at this point but you never know.
    Agad: Hello everyone.

  24. Did this guy premoved the entire game before magnus and pragg

  25. Congrats to India! You just landed on the moon and your GM landed face to face with the world's current #1 chess player. Wishing both players the best.

  26. So…. Prag has the courage to drag the God of End Game into his own abode

  27. if praggg wins this.. the title of the video should be THE CHOSEN ONE..

  28. Tbh honest this was more interruptions than the world championship this year.

  29. I believe he knows he is good in rapid chess, that's whe he pushes for the draw, is the principal reason. Food poising could be a secondary reason.

  30. Moon is not the limit, both for ISRO and Praggnanandha !

  31. Magnus complained of food poisoning and fatigue and Pragg pretty much said he's exhausted in his interview as well. So this is the main reason both ended their game 2 like this.

  32. Get well soon, Magnus. All the best to Pragg and Magnus tomorrow.

  33. What is Praggnna playing with, 26 or 2700?

  34. E4 E5 and it was in this position that both players agreed to a draw.

  35. I think if Agad drank some coffee, we will have the video before the game ends

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