Is Hikaru Retiring From Chess?

This was filmed April 3, 2024, in Toronto, Canada.

Hikaru’s channel:

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  1. I seen Nakamura choke a mf out, don’t talk about the sanders of boxing lol

  2. Kramnik: Cheating is rampant, especially against me. These results and players, very interesting.

    Also Kramnik: Ooo that's a nice account, I think I'll play on it against ToS to potentially win money.

  3. Agadmator. Just to say the name of the number one chess content creator. Love these guys💞

  4. I believe the previous title was " I interview Hikaru again"

  5. levy, just watched your if your stuck at chess clik here vid form 3yrs back, just mentioning it helped alot, and thx for the amazing content, keep up the good work!

  6. What do you say when you see GothamChess on the street? What’s up Leeevy‼️

  7. Levy if you haven’t found a comment to pin yet then pin this. YOU SUCK!!


  8. For future reference, it use to be: “l interviewed hikaru again!”

  9. Come on, when is the Lie Detector Chess video going to happen? ☺

  10. How do you cheat in the context they’re talking about? Seems like an obvious answer, but I don’t know.

  11. The guy calling Levy Levai was probably trying to get exactly that reaction xD

  12. I really like Hikaru's ability to have say things, if said by others would sound pompous, but with him they are factual.

  13. You're looking more like Marge Simpson these days. I'm looking more like Homer so not to worry

  14. Unrelated an random but fun fact
    Hikaru Magnus and Levy all belong to the same zodiac sign

  15. So grateful for you guys man. Thanks for the content 🥹 love this game. Only been learning the past year or so but this is amazing

  16. Trevor Noah…. That’s unfortunate. Hopefully it’s not because you agree with his poorly developed political views.

  17. Guys please check out the 2018 press conference with Kramnik and Ding 😂 it explains Kramnik’s cheating allegations against basically everyone so much..

  18. Hikaru premoved the whole candidates tournament 🤣

  19. You want your mind blown? Google or chatGPT the meaning of Hikaru, the Japanese is なかもらひかるさん his full name literally means the shining star / radiance of the centre of the village.

  20. Felt a bit like Hikaru was trying to take credit for Levy’s success 🤷🏻‍♂️. Idk man Levy is the goat and is #1 chess YT for a reason

  21. Been waiting on this full interview since that GM question popped up on my shorts.

  22. Gotham's milking of Hikaru is making all them farmers and cows jealous.

  23. 36:02 "Motherf*ck the big three, n*gga it's just me, n*gga BUM." – Magnus Lamar

  24. Why would anyone cheat randomly? What possible gain would anyone would have from cheating randomly, Hans?

  25. Make a video playing chess in one of those weed cafe places on hash brownies 😂 that will get the views and laughs 😆

  26. He's as good as anyone at chess… He's one of the goats, when he calls himself a mear content creator it's not true

  27. Hikaru has so much to learn about love and life and what's important.

  28. levy knows how to milk em , its in the blood

  29. Hikaru can have his message and Kramnik can have his message and everyone doesn’t completely lose their mind

  30. It started with hikaru roasting Levy and him sacrificing Magnus to gain tempo !

  31. Hikaru talking be like🗿.None stop cooking Magnus.😂

  32. The problem with a lot of chess players is that they are these insufferable geeks with zero personality. Guys like Hikaru and you are like one of us. It is SUPER easy to connect with you guys. I am not sure that, in the chess world, that something that can be easily fixed, unfortunately.

  33. We need a game review of Hikaru against the guy who accused him of cheating

  34. Why is this re uploaded? I saw the first part here and the second on hikaru's channel…

  35. GothamChats podcast? Lol hire me if you use the name haha

  36. I don't want to like GothamCHess, but I can't quit you!

  37. Great interview. Hope you do more stuff together.

  38. you three ARE the big three. you ARE the entire current chess ecosystem *currrently*. you know it, i know it, we all know it

  39. 5:29 Hikaru good point. Other day i played against national master at around 2100 level and i actually thought that playing with the glorious title next to ur name will put u in disadvantage cuz ppl focus more.

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