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  1. Glad Carlsen isn't here – a WC is finally interesting.

  2. Omg so much noise, yet I've played more exciting games in Rapid…

  3. Even though your eval bar shows its white winning mostly, in the WC match it was dead equal all the time. I wonder which has most powerful Stockfish.

  4. Sir will you give away book where your all principles are present wich you have recently written.Sir please 🥺.I can't afford it but I am your big big fan since 2019 .

  5. Completely insane !!!!!! I’m shocked that ding couldn’t finish nepo. But have to give a lot of credit for dynamic defense too

  6. So disappointed.
    Ding hasn’t controlled his clock very well.
    This might be the nail.

  7. I'm confused, could someone explain why the game being leaked is such a big deal? Is what Ding did against the rules or considered cheating or something? He mentions that he's not sure if team Nepo knew about this, but why should someone from the team you're competing against know about your practice games? How is this crazy apart from the fact that they practically predicted the whole game up until that point?

  8. the best draw ever! thank you @gothamchess for the amazing recap!

  9. "You can always skip to move 12-"
    This is a super GM game how am I supposed to know what move 12 looks like. I skip to move 12 in an 500 game it's a bit more clear because half of the pieces are gone-

  10. In this position, chess speaks for itself.

  11. why didnt ding move queen to e5 from e4, check and then mate? instead of moving the rook to d2

  12. 2 games in a row where ding had the victory in his grasp and couldn’t take the last step

  13. Wtf is this misleading video title? What's "over"? The WC is just as open as it was before this game. Sure, game 8 is over, but that's not titleworthy…

  14. How can i send you my games i played cuz i had a insane one…

  15. insane game, thank u for the recaps <3

  16. Ding should buy your end game course, he's wasted two wins in a row now.

  17. Waiting for Levy to make Boosfer's extreme Minecraft chess games analysis day 1

  18. Levy, you going to have to stop making the game so obvious. When you act like someone is going to win in the beginning, I know they ain't winning. Every video doesn't have to have a dramatic plot twist.

  19. This shows that in chess, you're playing the player and not the game

  20. Im Very bad at chess, never got to 1000 elo, top was 987… Coz if i lose one game, i tilt and go on to lose 10 in a row then i delet the app lol .. heeeeelp.

  21. NGL, the world championship match is a lot more fun to watch without Magnus playing lol

  22. I’ve watched this live and in hikaru’s recap and now here ROFL! What a match.

  23. Ding tries to win game with Nepo with full intent I like the way ding playing he has more guts for winning games but after all effort. He makes one blunder and ruined the game 😢😢😢😢 love you ding Liren from nepal

  24. The energy of this video is so captivating

  25. Levy: …and in this position, Ian sacrifices… THE ROOOOK

  26. if there was no names on the board of who the players are i wouldve thunk that this was a game between two 1200s

  27. One of the wisest, best bluff of all time, which will probably bring Ian the championship, it is fascinating he probably knew that what he was trying is completly lost, but it was pretty sensibel and practical for human chess, YÜRÜ DE ARKANDAN GİDELİM ŞEYHİM!

  28. Recommend "Stockfish" channel analysis of this game as VASTLY superior to Levy's "ballistic" presentation.

  29. Like Levy said, this cannot be scripted, but as things unfold, it's like watching an anime with multiple unexpected plot twists one-upping plot twists.. One cannot help but think that this is FOR SURE planned and destined by the gods.

  30. This one was a great „Guess The Elo“ Episode! Oh wait…

  31. Why don't you do more accents during these? Where's Italian American Gotham? Bri'ish Gotham? And most importantly Russian teacher Gotham?

  32. I don't understand the bishop->g5 move. It's literally just a free bishop and there's no way for white to make a checkmate before black is able to thoroughly defend the position

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