Kramnik SUING over Hikaru????

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  1. Levi has made alot of content of cheating scandals in chess but hasn't made any comments to my knowledge on FIDEs decision to exclude trans women from women's events. He says he doesn't shy from controversy but doesn't seem to want to comment on anything that goes against actual powers in chess.

  2. Man, Kramnik is going to lose a lot of money in legal fees for nothing, bro.

  3. I dont know why kramnik belive in his mathematision skills that much to argue with every other mathematicks this looks like insanity

  4. What a surprise it was a genshin player!🤣

  5. Thanks for the shout-out to us lurkers 😂

  6. Ending your sentence with “deepest respect” doesn’t make what you’re saying respectfully, saying your not accusing someone doesn’t make you not accuse someone.
    This man is delusional and needs to take a good look at his one character.

    To be clear I’m not accusing Vlad.
    With deepest respect
    Signed: Random accuser

  7. Kramnik hasn't won 45 games in a row? that's sad

  8. I think we are all witnessing a break down.🤔🤐

  9. Kramnik has NO IDEA how the internet works. By going and whining about people leaving mean comments it's just going to make the issue 100x worse 😂

  10. I like how Kramnik has picked up the signature formulation "with deepest respect" while there is clearly no respect whatsoever being shown in the rest of his writing -.-

  11. Levy back on the “some people just need a solid punch to the face once in their life” campaign 😂😂

  12. Kramnik is full of himself. He's truly lost it.

  13. He hasn't found a mathematician who would math in a way he wants it to be math'd

  14. Funny it was mentioned since Kramnik might aught be tested for enhancing substances

  15. I just realized Levy has a large forehead, not sure why it took me so long.

  16. If he does, he'll be wasting his money, just like Niemann. There's no slander. He made what any reasonable person might assume was a thinly veiled accusation. Not everyone would assume that. But a person reasonably could assume that. And that's why it's not slander. In the US you need to be able to prove it was a lie, prove that exactly what the person said was a lie, and prove that they knew it was a lie when they said it. Slander is almost impossible to prove, in the US, at least. And that's why Amber Heard is the laughing stock she is. Depp won a slander case against her, lol. You gotta be a straight up terrible human being to get dunked on like that.

  17. Hikaru needs to challenge Kramnik to a 1v1 OTB match that won't end until Kramnik wins once. The world of chess is ready

  18. Kramnik using "2900" opponents as an example of a 3600 performance just shows an INSANE level of ignorance…. Does he actually not know that online ratings are wildy exaggerated in the higher levels of low time controls???? These "2900s" are all 2200-2300 OTB…. Hikaru couldve beaten these guys in a simul…

  19. Is this all just smack talk to setup a high stakes match between them both?? That's all I got here

  20. Kramnik has become like a little cjild,who doesn’t know why he wants to do certain things,but is so stubborn that wants to do that anyways. I feel like he's on his way to become the next Bobby Fishcher

  21. Classical chess …. maybe. Rapid … maybe. Blitz chess, where you're playing a move anywhere from half a second to max 5 seconds … NO way !

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