Kramnik SUING over Hikaru????

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  1. nah I'm not lurking, I always tend to find understanding new things is very interesting and you give me that news and I listen makes it very interest also I am doing basic statistics currently but from data and analysis Hikaru isn't doing a scandal

  2. Is there more evidence that Hans cheated than Hikaru? Is there a double standard. Its almost like Kramnik is pointing out Hikaru just like Magnus sort of did with Hans. The suing thing here is absurd.

    I don't believe Hikaru cheated. But I don't believe Hans cheated against Magnus either.

  3. vlad been listening to chainsmokers a bit too much lately

  4. back in the day a GM could walk into a full-time chess club and reasonably expect to pick up a couple of hundred bucks, if he needed it (and of course a former world's champion could do a lot better than a few hundred). Today, well, apparently there are many very strong chess players struggling in an existential trap without much behind them.

  5. Duo is always looking at Gotham….hope he did his spanish lessons…


  7. Magnus has shown the world that it’s okay to accuse anyone of cheating without repercussion. This is going to keep happening now forever and ruin chess. Exciting.

  8. By calling Hikaru’s win streak “interesting”, he was hedging his bets in case there was blowback. Once that blowback came he could pedantically claim he didn’t accuse Hikaru of cheating because he didn’t actually use that word. And then when people called out his bull, he did what other people in similar situations do: they play the victim and try and gaslight everyone.

  9. Vlad is just having what my mother would call a hissy fit. A public temper tantrum. Meltdown.

  10. I’m on Vladimir side, but I love you regardless Gotham

  11. Kramnik's lawyers need to sit him down and tell him to shut his trap.

  12. I cannot relate to online chess cheating. I lose 60percent of my games.

  13. Hans: I will create content for Levy.
    Vladimir: hold my beer.

  14. 10:02 Oooh, you created a wicked paradox there!
    If someone comments to say thanks, then suddenly it wasn't meant for them.

  15. Somewhere, Vesalin Topalov is laughing his ass off.

  16. You asked what is Kramnik's end goal? To me, it looks like it's jealousy, smearing Hikarou's name and achievements, and character assassination. Krtamnik looks pathetic in my view. Hikarou should counter sue.

  17. By playing more chess
    Some People become mad
    He might be one of them

  18. Ah comon kraminck securing content for levy.

  19. Lol another lurker commenting to say that I love your content Levy, keep it up

  20. You know things be serious when Gotham has to ignore Magnus

  21. I don’t know I had the same birthday as Magnus! 😂

  22. Well Kramnik also overperformed against One of the GOAT'S of chess Garry Kasparov and then Broke his teeth against anand so I would say he is sad he and hans are the only overperformers so….

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