Kramnik vs. Jospem + Giri vs. Naroditsky

Watching Clash of Claims match between Vladimir Kramnik and Jose Martinez Alcantara aka Jospem
also Giri vs. Naroditsky bullet match

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  1. some people : we still believe Josepem cheats

    what did u just watch Lisa?

  2. It should be the same as tt. 3+1 and lots of games without time to rest.

  3. Does anyone know if they were playing on WIFI, or LAN Ethernet? I couldn't tell from the video. Kramnick was having sync issues, lag issues, and a queen move not showing up. Gothams video said "SERVER ISSUES" my thinking was they are playing on WIFI like a bunch of bums and then wondering why it lags more. USE LAN Guys.

  4. That 'I don't understand any of this' from Giri made me crack up 😂. So honestly humble of him

  5. Honestly you Two have amazing chemistry as commentators, never seen this pairing and I hope that there can be more opportunities in the future to commentate together

  6. congratulations Jose Martínez, close your mouth now krammik, you old complainer

  7. im a new fan who is kramnik? is he the world champion?

  8. For all of the effort to put on this event, there was nearly no coverage of it. It seems the only way to watch Vlad and Jospem play is to look through Anish’s window while it plays in the background and he’s too busy playing bullet with Danya to notice you fogging his window. Kramnik seems to be complaining extensively after the fourth game of the day and it is completely unclear what complaint could possibly still be relevant after all of the pains taken for the event to meet his demands. What even is this??

  9. Kramnik chose an online time control in which it is impossible for him to prove his point. This is the very definition of the word asinine.

  10. What kind of adhd-stream is this ?
    I like tbf, watching a six-way split-screen simultaneously.

  11. Jospem is highly respected among top GMs that play online often. Not a single one of them took Kramnik's ridiculous accusations seriously

  12. I mean i am that stupid to think you sit to each other on a fkn laptop, but no play otb,

  13. why Levy and Hikaru dont pay attention to this? or other forums. Only Anish and some Spanish Pepe channel lol

  14. I’m about to go down a Giri game rabbit hole after watching these bullet games. Always enjoy his commentary & personality but wasn’t familiar with his games. I had no idea my style was so similar to his…minus a lot of ELO!

  15. If they are playing on their computers why are they not just playing at home?

  16. This Danya guy is just another cheater… Americans being americans. Gringos are always cheating.

  17. Kramnik is only proving he can hang with Jose in a slower time format. He’s currently losing by 2 points under full supervision. No one ever claimed Kramnik was poor, but if this were 3+1 he’d be down by 8-10 points would be my guess. Similar to TT, where he frequently gets flagged.

  18. Anish, you stop the live because you know Kramnik was dead…

  19. Jospem simply plays better online than OTB, or just Kramnik plays too slowly online. Combined the results of clash of claims and the fact that he played supervised TT and won second place, I don't think that he cheated

  20. I blame the refs and organizers for indulging every whim of a mentally ill person like Kramnik. Every unhinged and childish claim that Kramnik makes, they cave in … this only encourages and emboldens him. Enough.

  21. 3/2 is simply NOT 3/1….as Giri says. This is mixing apples and oranges…what's the point??

  22. Jospem 100% cheating in TT in critical moments only.

  23. Mr. Giri, have you ever considered doing your broadcasts in a Tarzan or George of the Jungle outfit?

  24. The tables should have been higher. They had to bend down to the computers and didn't have enough space between their chairs.

  25. A lot of these top chess players are very very xenophobic!! Long live Latin America!! 🙌🤘💪

  26. Interesting games, it would be nice if Anish could keep his mouth shut from time to time

  27. Just the fact that Kraminik demands 3/2 makes him a double loser.

  28. why this game is soooooo important??
    Because it’s the first factual evidence that OTB and ONLINE are really different; new generations of players are really different, and it’s not crazy to think that, sooner or later, we might not be talking about the “best chess player in the world” as only a single person.

    Imagine a world where a Magnus Carlsen never could defeat another online chess genius, and viceversa. All the controversy this might bring …

  29. Arjun is making a speed run for top much like Alireza did. He was really hurt to see 3 Indians in candidates it seems without him.


  31. Spanish guy on the left looks like he's from outer space.

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