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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. where’s the vids i don’t like watching 4 hour lives

  2. They should have some type of setup above the board so we can see the actual pieces on the board from straight above it. Chess torny organizers should think of this. Have a setup where players can attach their phones right above the board for streaming.

  3. You are so charming to watch… maybe I'll even go back to playing OTB after a 10 year hiatus

  4. Go rent a bike and peddle your energy away ! Great draw.

  5. A draw isn't a win…A win is check mate or surrender. Enough draws..either win or lose…And why is everyone always talking about Levi gotham chess…He has his channel and social media and she has hers, which is this. Lets talk about Anna not Levi.

  6. I'm glad that you declined his draw offer and made him play on to earn the draw. Seemed like his strategy was to just play a quick game by pretty much forcing you to trade queens early, then later forcing a rook trade to set up for a draw (I saw him planning the rook trade with his rook and bishop). Funny as your mom said no way would he play for a draw with such a huge time advantage 2:53:37, then the very next move he plays the rook to set up draw 2:57:58

    Good luck tomorrow on your final round!

  7. Yes, write a book, Anna. I’m 68 and started learning chess a year ago. I play or do puzzles everyday and can feel that I am slowly improving.

  8. Does anybody know the name of the board they are playing on?

  9. Good Anna. You have won Round 8 with a Draw.

  10. ❤❤❤ good games in the tourney. Whoo Levi too 😅

  11. 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟

  12. Anna has time management issues, even after the game😂.

  13. Where is Sacrificing The Rook .Levy Rossman .what his score now😊

  14. I think her opponent studied Anna a lot he prepared so much that opening, he knows for the streaming she hates that.

  15. You are a star 💥💫. One more game tomorrow? Good luck, we hope you win. Would love to see a little bit of the town. Cheers 🍺

  16. Ana por favor, utiliza más aperturas y más defensas en tu juego. No puedes tirarte toda vida con dos¡¡

  17. No se puede ser tan conservador con 21 años jugando al ajedrez. Con esa edad hay que ser atrevidos y asumir riesgos aunque se pierda. Si no lo haces ahora conforme pasen los años lo harás menos. Uno se vuelve ´mas conservador. Pero con tu edad hay que experimentarlo todo en el juego. Atacar sigue siendo la mejor defensa. Usar el rey como una pieza mas en ataque y no tenerlo casi todo el tiempo escondido, también. Conformarse con tablas en casi todas las partidas con personas de tu mismo nivel no te hace avanzar. Hay que arriesgarse y ser más atrevidos. DE las derrotas se aprende, de las tablas, me temo que mucho menos. Te recomendaría que vieses más partidas de Mikhail Tal a ver si te estimula para tomar más riesgos. Un saludo. Porque el ajedrez simplemente es un juego y no te va la vida en ello. Adelante y al ataque¡¡

  18. You know it's an Anna Cramling game when the opposition has 30 more minutes on the clock

  19. I was thinking you could write a children's book about a lonely cow who learned to play chess and became popular. Seriously, I was thinking this before your comment. You are an entertaining speaker and I think you would write well, whether a serious book about chess theory or a children's book.

  20. Shame I missed the live but very glad I could watch it later. Good job Anna. You made him work for it. And Pia, I learn so much from your commentary in this tournament! Thanks

  21. U will ever come to Italy to play a tournament?

  22. She's such a delight! I could listen to Anna talk all day!

  23. I fear the demands of streaming will make it difficult for Anna to reach GM in that timeframe.

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