Magnus and Gukesh STUDY Chess TOGETHER 🔥


  1. 😅😅 that blush face of both after solving the problem is so cute ☺️☺️

  2. They laugh, they sneeze, they breathe , they walk , they laugh 🤣🤣 you makeing content from their every action kindly post their gameplayes and thinking game these and all may be useful for viewers but this small thing and creepy songs are waste of time and dopomine

  3. Me too i know ho to castle.😮

  4. Magnus= Rancho
    Gukesh= Raju

  5. I used to call the rook the castle but ive just realized that i dont do that anymore

  6. These two players are two of my fevorite players ❤❤❤

  7. Gukesh: Isko aisa karenge, Usko Aisa karenge.
    Magnus: Kuchh bhi? Are bhai ye kar raha hai?

  8. Magnus is never worried about his hair.

  9. Pure friendly enchanted sportsmanship. Blessings

  10. Dont do any studies with Magnus. He will use this to understand you and your mentality and will use it in the games.

  11. 😢idol magnus carlsen

  12. Aw hel naw man ding chillin ain’t got no partner 😢😢😢

  13. Bro,this is so cringe, is like you think if they are chess players,they never laugh,they are people like us

  14. Bro na anime Fandubbing pandrom any ideas or unga opinion Sollunga bro 😢

  15. Gukesh learning about chess whereas Magnus learning about Gukesh 😂

  16. no bro, please be careful. Magnus likes to study opponents moves under this pretext, he did the same to Hikaru. And we all know Hikaru stayed at #2 since then

  17. why are there only white pieces on either side of the board

  18. @chess please think about getting a new social media guy

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