Magnus and Hikaru Try NEW CHESS

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  1. This is the analysis I was looking for comparing old and new. I felt commentary during match missed this. Thanks

  2. Dude is s selling his channel short. Watching Gotham videos will be the favorite pastime for the Eloi as they try not to think about the Morlock’s upcoming snack time

  3. Here we go: another Milking Magnus episode

  4. The current version of chess is about 540 years old.

  5. Pin me I want to try the feeling of pin of shame

  6. So sad that my fellow egyptian performed so poorly

  7. 5:51 f3 bishop to e2 would trap the knight and would be a gangster move

  8. Dang bro 8 minutes and over a hundred comments? Levy's the goat

  9. Levy Rizzmans parents (Hikaru and Magnus) must be so proud of him.

  10. Can i get pinned comment by levy❤❤

  11. remember to shave up that goatie when u hit 5m

  12. Levy milking these two more than I milk my cows

  13. I like this format, thanks for covering the game Levy

  14. Hikaru and Magnus try Chess Battle Advanced

  15. Levy Needs a Rebrand related to Cows. These comments are convinced he's a Farmer Milking these Grandmasters…

  16. After levy hit 5M subs. He should give us one of his courses for free

  17. "Thousands of years"?!? Other than that, you have consistently been more joyful to watch, and your choice and explanations of material have been more and more professional. Well done sir, well done indeed.

  18. I am sure Hikaru and Magnus both won 1st and 2nd place only to be milked in a video by Levi Rizzman💀💀

  19. Levy never fails
    Magnus vs Hikary
    The Rooooooookk
    Title of the video was 'Magnus and Hikary try new chess'
    Pin of Shame

  20. I cant believe they stole noob arena and didnt even credit levy

  21. I’m a like beggar. Give me likes bro please.

  22. OMFG the clockbait is just geting repetive just embarisin

  23. I have an idea make the king hidden in one of the chess pieces and I'm from egypt 🇪🇬

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