Magnus Arrives Late, Beats Hikaru

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  1. Pretty sure this thumbnail was ai generated

  2. It's insane how they can find such good moves so quickly.

  3. That’s cool but I’m 400 and played a brilliant move 🗿

  4. Hikaru: plays pp on the pp
    Magnus: bro wtf?

  5. I remember the other video of him being late and being at 30 seconds on a 3 minute start.

  6. I like the idea that 'PP on the PP' is proper nomenclature

  7. Should've just called that Bishop "Jimmy Hoffa"

  8. The way he chose the word "arrive" to dodge the memes.

  9. With all due respect, arriving late is as bad as cheating. Just creates tension and throws the opponent off. Bad for the tournament organizers to allow that kind of behavior.

  10. Every once in a while, you look like you went on a massive bender 😆

  11. What move number is considered the first middle game move. And the first end game move?

  12. Is it just me or is magnus just nerfing himself?

  13. Was going to congratulate Levy on a great job making the end still feel like a blitz game but pinned comment beat me

  14. Why do we celebrate someone disrespecting thir enemy by coming late?
    I mean incredible game from him, but this is hella disrespectful in my honest opinion

  15. Levy had a lot of news for us today.

  16. The way the king tiered and staggered its position to defend those pawns was absolutely sensational – if stockfish did that I'd frown disapprovingly at the dominant superiority of the top bot but Magnus, apparently a human man, did it. In 3 f-ing minutes… No wait 2 and a half. Fuck.

  17. What happens when the player playing with white doesnt arrive. Which move gets played by white to start the clock?

  18. 4:21 you really need to get into the habit of expanding pp on the pp

  19. Is nobody gonna talk about the mirrored Levy cam?

  20. Me thinking back to the video of someone arriving late to class and solving an equation in like 2 seconds 😂

  21. "Arriving Late Gambit: Bishop Variation Accepted"

  22. I wonder if Magnus sees all the outcomes in an end game or it is more intuition. Either way he is amazing.

  23. This game was truly disgusting. Magnus man 😭

  24. 10:14 Why didn't black play BxE3? and then if pawn takes take back by the knight and the rook is trapped?

  25. Everybody's talking about the game. I just looked at his facecam and realized it looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT

  26. I personally think this new sound when a piece moves is worse than the old one

  27. Chess is Magnus' 3rd favorite game to play past-time game to relax.

  28. I wish that these videos were longer…

  29. has magnus ever lost a game he was late to

  30. Magnus gambiting 30 seconds for post nut clarity

  31. ı watching ı see a few moves then levy says 'but this didnt happen' and changes the chess table totall

  32. Levy I apologise for my viewing absence once you started to refer to yourself in the third person singular. There is a reason you’re so much more popular than others and that’s simply cause You’re good at this.

  33. Your game review is always so epic, man, almost scripted. Congrats, I don't know how you make it. Always very fun to watch.

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