Magnus Arrives Late, Beats Hikaru

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  1. Love that the fact they're nr. 6 & 7 (with Hikaru ahead) in the tournament after that day isn't mentioned once hahahah

  2. 4:43 Doesn't …c4 shut down the diagonal attack and buy Black the tempo to save the knight?

  3. “Black has all ready won connect four” why this got me dying lmao

  4. magnus is not just an animal at chess, he's a farm animal. The GOAT

  5. At this point magnus is just doing it on purpose to show his dominance

  6. Yeah, safe to say Magnus is by far better than EVERY other player.

  7. Poor Ding. He has the title of World Chess Champion, and its essentially meaningless because, Magnus.

  8. In the blitz world championship he won starting with 30 seconds.

    But that wasn’t against Hikaru.

  9. Arrives late, beats Hikaru, refuses to elaborate, leaves

  10. Magnus learning from Miyamoto Musashi lol

  11. Kxd2 looks very natural since it keeps the knight developed and prepares the kingside rook to slide over

  12. my girlfriend says 30 seconds isnt that long

  13. Magnus can only do so much to help Hikaru. Hikaru has to at least meet him halfway if he stands any chance against Magnus. Very entertaining nonetheless

  14. One of the best Yokozunas in sumo would actually troll the opponent and do several false starts to throw him off balance mentally since everytime he had to bend down and await the clash, sometimes even standing idly for a whole 20 seconds eyeing him down before they started

  15. they play better with 20 seconds on the clock than I do with 20 minutes.

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