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  1. I would like to say to Magnus Carlsen, that the pawns are shuffled as well

  2. I’m very happy for Levon, it’s been a while since I last saw him placing high in tournaments

  3. hi Levy,I am playing chess for like a year and I got rating skyrocketed from 1300 to 1500 in like 10 days.What do you think where could I reach 2000 rating if I play Chess everyday for 3+ hours

  4. Should've renamed the channel to magnuschess

  5. Is there a starting position that gives white a huge advantage?

  6. “Why do I keep hanging pieces, I’m playing like you guys” caught me off guard levy almost killed ur boy started choking on my cereal😭💀

  7. Seems that you CAN win a championship in classic by just memorizing moves and patterns. Though, Ding wouldn't win Magnus. But anyway, the raw talent (like nodirbek for example) shines through in this format and Magnus really shows that classical is garbage. He also won rapid and blitz championships again don't forget.

  8. The only two things levy knows are 'GM' and 'magnus carlsen'

  9. What Gotham is thinking : Hard Math.

    What im thinking :
    like a baby.

  10. How about a Video about Stockfish vs Torch in Fischer Random?

  11. 15:39 how to avoid being cancelled on the internet ft levy rozman😂😂

  12. 18 hours in and the title is still the same.Maybe it's the record!!!

  13. last shorts video : no more magnus vid
    now : MAGNUS IS BACK (probably say that with the "THE ROOK!!!" tone)

  14. lol i could play just same as the current best players about 10 moves even at the fischer random

  15. Man Levon winning, completely trouncing his opponent after studying the wrong backrank arrangement is just legendary

  16. Honest question: Does somebody know why he changes the title? I guess it has something to do with increasing views although it doesn’t make much sense

  17. I love how Levy makes Magnus seem like Jesus. The downfall one day and then he’s BACK the next.

  18. When will Levy get Nodirbek's name right? Probably never.

  19. Alternative title: Me yapping for half an hour

  20. Ding makes a fool of everyone, he came here for money certainly not interested in this style of chess, so he is like let me loose, quickly take the money and leave 😀

  21. This shows that ding is a nerd that reads openings 10 hours a day

  22. I'm sure Harry is not on his original square.

  23. Gotta oil up Levy for every Magnus thumbnail+title

  24. G in ding is cut cause he no more TOP G ..True story…….

  25. Man you make these chess tournaments fun, thank you for doing your thing !

  26. What I would love to see is a chess video in which you play any person (perhabs higher profile, such as Hikaru). However, him or you both should play according to one of the rules that was included in the first versions of chess when it was just developed in India. They used dice to determine what piece you are allowed to move!
    Imagine; Can I beat Magnus/Hikaru if he has to use this handicap?

  27. why do you always say where Gukesh is from but not the others

  28. I like this format because it's not as drawy

  29. Bro said in his short that no more Magnus and now 💀😂

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