Magnus Carlsen partying during the World Chess Championship match…

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  1. I’m not sure how any of you are going to grow up enjoying what your life was, Alex literally screams into a screen and chair all day, good luck explaining that to god when you realise the viewers Dont follow you

  2. That just proves that he's the biggest giga chad in history

  3. I actually laughed so hard 😂
    The choice of the song is hilarious

  4. That’s how my sleepover was a few days ago everyone being crazy and you got me playing chess

  5. Вот бы мне так весело без качества играть…

  6. Ding and Nepo vs Gigachad Magnus

  7. Nepo and ding : stressing out stratgyzing meanwhile Magnus :

  8. He would rather do this than World Chess Champion.

  9. Magnus casually beating GM's:🗿
    Me facing the nelson bot:😡

  10. This is like watching Tom Brady go on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

  11. Who’s behind Magnus?? (Not the botez sisters)

  12. Magnus finally got some b*tches (I know who they are so stop hating)😂😂

  13. I am too jealous of Magnum Carlnos 😅😅, those girls are mine 🤕🤕 bro..

  14. imagine not participating the wcc for just this lol

  15. Dude is the definition of gigachad

  16. Magnus is rated 59 points higher than current world champion.. would you let people call you champ if you didn’t beat the best? I’m not sure I could do it

  17. are those you guys dancing in the background?!

  18. Why Ding is in final, because Magnus said he didn't want to play….. Magnus >>>>>>>>>

  19. Magnus:I gave the ducking world championship because of this

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