Magnus Carlsen plays FOOTBALL! #shorts

Pragg stopping Magnus even off the chess board! 😂

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Sagar Shah roasting with the 'en passante' love 😂

  2. Fabi wasn't allowed to play because he's at Messi level and Magnus didn't wanna be embarrassed

  3. Pragg enjoying life. Results of his hardwork. Keep going young man 🙂👍

  4. what is this offside rule? the rectangle box thing?

  5. Pragg's rating is gonna hit 2800 now he's found out about en passant

  6. For me it was the fact that we touch the King first while we castle the King. It happened in my first tournament… 🥹 Atleast the saving grace for me was that I held a draw. 🤭

  7. He blundered the goal. Should have resigned right there

  8. Pragg's processor went "wait whaaaaaattt"

  9. Prag be like: "Ha ha nice joke but what is en passant?"

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