Magnus Carlsen Statement

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  1. levy glazing heavy. Never seen a nose browner than his. Wow

  2. yes os people from denmark are called danes

  3. Bro really lost 7 games on purpose just so the tournament to be challenging to him💀

  4. Magnus was probably on some crystal or something and it started to wear off.

  5. You should make a video on Rapport once. The guy always has the craziest openings and was instrumental in getting Ding the world championship

  6. 22:33 if duda moves rook b1 it stops both pawns and duda wins with a rook n bishot

  7. Sad to see brainy people wasting their lives moving little bits of plastic around a board. Chess players lead horrible lives. They could do something useful…..and actually invent something.

  8. Scariest thing is magnus knocking on your door at night

    I'll get scared too like wtf is champion gm has to do with me😭

  9. From 12:48 anish giri lost his winning advantage because of time pressure

  10. Levy didn't say 'Get outta here', so now I'm stuck here. HELP!

  11. He use 4 sec to defend such position again anish giri…

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