Magnus Carlsen Statement

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  1. "You can't spell magician without Mag"

    God bless the reader

  2. He gave them hope only to tear them down. XD

  3. Levy: i speak faster than my brain works.
    Me: your speech is a rather slow stroll through Central Park then, isn't it? (where you shouldn't wander after dark, according to Paul.)

  4. In the famous words of John Wick I am thinking I'm back!"

  5. "The world is better place when Magnus Carlsen is champion"

    Ding liren:💀💀💀💀💀

  6. I read the title as "Magnus Carlsen m6ake a stalemate"

  7. Doesn't sound like he's back to me, more than his opponents just made one minor, but critical error that he took full advantage of.

  8. This just shows that Anish will never be a champion, can't handle the pressure at all. From mate in 17, jfc.

  9. Fun fact : Magnus destroyed everyone except he lost to Wesley and drew against Deac and Wojtaszek
    How much rating did he gain ? 8 points

  10. I think Magnus realized that you need money if you're going to play poker so he better study some chess to win this tournament lmao

  11. Dude just wanted to give some handicap for others. He was never gone

  12. 22:26 If you count his wc match against Fabiano as a tournament, I think that's the one

  13. Name a better duo than Magnus pee pee and Gothams mouth. Il wait.

  14. Levy is so shook with this comeback he didn't even say "Get outta here"

  15. Magnus was so shocked with the law suit price that he decided to grow the exact number of hair strands as that of the law suit

  16. As I've said when he lost these rounds, he is/was never gone, he was just drunk as a polish truck driver.
    That good vodka was too much on the first day 😀

  17. I said it and I'll say it again. There are days where people are worse, and days where they're better. 2 Days ago it was a bad one for Magnus. Today it was a great one

  18. Suprised to not see a title that goes like "MAGNUS JUST MADE THE GREATEST STATEMENT THAT PROVES HES THE GOAT AT CHESS 99999999 ELO"

  19. According to Google Bard:

    Magnus Carlsen last started a tournament without a win in the first 6 rounds in the 2022 Sinquefield Cup. He drew his first 5 games and then won his 6th game against Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. He finished the tournament in 2nd place with 6.5/13 points.

    Here is a list of all the tournaments where Magnus Carlsen has started without a win in the first 6 rounds:

    2004 Hoogovens Wijk aan Zee (5/13, 5th place)

    2005 Corus Chess B (4.5/13, 8th place)

    2006 Corus Chess A (5/13, 7th place)

    2007 Corus Chess A (4.5/13, 8th place)

    2010 Sinquefield Cup (6.5/13, 2nd place)

    2022 Sinquefield Cup (6.5/13, 2nd place)

  20. "The worst thing you can wake up to in the middle of the night, is not diarrhea, it's not defaulting on your taxes, it's Magnus Carlsen knocking on your door" – Levy

  21. This is one of the chess videos I've seen in a while boss

  22. "You cannot spell magician without MAG".
    Pretty clever if you ask me

  23. Frank cooks opponents, Magnus scorches them.

  24. MY blud so obsessed with Magnus like he is his father

  25. Classic Levy pause and stare at 13.36. 11/10

  26. You should make a video on Rapport once. The guy always has the craziest openings and was instrumental in getting Ding the world championship

  27. that game with anish is insane. One mistake, and magnus will punish. Even affected him psychologically thus hanging the queen. truly insane.

  28. if Magnus wins title of the video should be 'I Back!'. pin me if it happens!!!

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