Magnus Carlsen vs 2500 GM: The Difference

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  1. Magnus played Qe3 so that ke5 isn't possible, cuz if he didn't play that his queen wud be hanging or it wud destroy his centre.

  2. Day 6: of asking Levy to autograph my preorder of his book.

  3. I thought Magnus was done with classical

  4. @7:40 when you talk about repelling the queen side forces, its pretty obvious to me at least that magnus wants the queen on the queen side. its much harder to attack his king on the other side. its a tactic that beginning knight had been up to the entire time. he controls the g5 h4 squares ensuring the only route for queen is on queen side.

  5. Shoutout to the best state (Maine) with the Allagash White reference

  6. Or what is the difference between FullHD and Gotham's channel "fullhd" ))

  7. I'm 34yo bro. Working on chess at the public education of my city kkkkkkkkkk

  8. 13:48 "Which in all recorded games of human history has never happened." 👽

  9. Levy is the only professor I would ask to lecture me.

  10. I love learning Chess, Where's the smart bomb and hyper space 😀😂😀

  11. Is talking to us about breaking the 4th wall actually an act of breaking the 5th wall? 🤔

  12. Some of us are watching this at 37 years old.

  13. I feel only the candidates should be given the temporary title Super GM.

  14. Lol Enough. He’s nothing more than a blood and bones mortal. Sick of these videos placing Carl-son on a pedestal. What’s the point of showing when he’s playing someone ‘weaker’? Put him up against a Bot and watch the massacre. A lot of factors in his life clicked into place in one area: chess. Don’t you dare Gloat.

  15. Hi @GothamChess, pls cover the recent game between Anand and Wesley So

  16. my favorite things are the accents whether it be english, russian. it gets me every time lmao

  17. Levy, can u pls keep this sort of content coming? A more in depth analysis of just a game or two. This is where I learn the most from you. Even if it's not just Magnus, this is the type of content i love most from ur channel. And probably the most informative in terms of learning chess (for me at least)

  18. Utmost means “most extreme” or “greatest” so I wouldn’t say Be7 was the utmost positional mistake in the position

  19. i believe 1 in 300,000 people are over 100 so statistically…

  20. Nobody goes to a sportsbar to watch chess; there is a chessbar in Oslo, and it has people in it!

  21. The highest title you can achieve in chess is Magnus Carlsen

  22. If people can watch golf at a sports bar dammit give me chess

  23. That was an incredible analysis of a game. I wish you would make more like this with this level of instruction and enthusiasm!

  24. I get eyelashes in my eyes all the damn time! Hate it, it's like my eyes are sticky and attract debris.

  25. 14:43 Levi says no one wants to watch that same position for 20 minutes and he’s right. He was giving genuinely solid content, and by the end of 30 seconds it felt like overkill lol.

  26. A monologue doesn’t break the fourth wall until the audience is explicitly acknowledged. Not all YT videos do that

  27. Thank you for showing the eval bar with your cursor. Been watching you for a few years now and you comment on the eval a lot, but I never knew where you were getting the info. I always thought that was just a border of the display, did not know it actually moved.

  28. I want levy to comentate with that old british voice, that was awesome

  29. Here comes all the comments where everyone thinks of something funny to say while using levys name. I mean every video

  30. I would argue that they should change the title requirements rather than adding the title of super grandmaster, the title originally meant the person is one of the best chess players in the world so lets say that in order to get that title you should be for any length of time in the top 50 players in the world rather than a 2500 which i believe we'll get further off as years pass

  31. me: learned something today from this top analysis, inspired. went to lichess, lost 8 games in a row. good night its 2 am

  32. You gotta do a full video with that british accent . it's cool.

  33. Levy stop lying I made that move in 2003 in the world chess championship

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