Magnus Carlsen vs. Hikaru Nakamura’s EPIC Armageddon Chess Battle

After two drawn games, @themagnuscarlsen and @GMHikaru went to armageddon in their mini-match in the Champion’s Chess Tour round robin! Don’t miss this incredible match with commentary from @DanielNaroditskyGM and featuring a shocking bid from Magnus!

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  1. clicking on a video titled "Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura" and actually seeing them play, and not some other two players, is a luxury these days.

  2. i can feel their Egos fighting when they both stare at the board

  3. Good commentator better than the Indian one

  4. I don't if it's psychological or something but Magnus always gets to Hikaru in OTB.

  5. Nakamura's theory is stale unlike magnus his theory of moves is evolutionary.

  6. That commentary was FIRE! Danya really makes these games come to life!

  7. Magnus is playing very very very solid that can not be breaked. He's out of this world.

  8. Hikaru still hasn't learned how to lose. Stop shaking your head, lol.

  9. Danya is a blessing to the chess community.

  10. Glad they posted this cause production missed the entire game to show an entirely winning position in another match

  11. Danya always with a perfect commentary 🙂

  12. You just understand how good is Hikaru when you see he playing against Magnus seriously in those tournaments not on the internet because he suffers so much that also means Carlsen is almost an alien.

  13. Legends say Magnus is still trolling Hikaru…

  14. Chess board too small. Players face too big

  15. What a game. Obviously allowing the rook exchange on Magnus' terms was a mistake.

  16. Hikaru was just completely out of time, tho Magnus put great pressure on Hikaru to make it happen. Great game by both

  17. If you guys want people to watch chess, make the chess board bigger

  18. Magnus andr hikaru both are brilliant player

  19. Hope Hikaru will somehow manage to make an epic comeback and give us a rematch of Magnus vs Hikaru in the finale. Small chance of it right now but that makes it so much more awesome if it were to actually happen.

  20. The 2 legends of the world. It’s Ronaldo and Messi but chess. A battle of the lifetime

    Edit: I started a war…feeling good

  21. Always nice to see two insane chess players go in a good ol battle of chess

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