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  1. You were in fact, looking in the wrong direction
    You usually look behind you

  2. Schrödingers stockfish evaluation I am both 250 and 1400

  3. Yes! your window is on the right usually. I think your camera is flipped or something

  4. "We will bang until the end" -gothamchess insporational quotes

  5. FYI: Shak does lose on time, he didn't resign but it was a completely lost position anyways.

  6. I haven't watched his video for 10 days, has Levi moved again?

  7. Every time Levy turns his head while talking I feel like he’s trying to burp and doesn’t want people to smell it.

  8. So, you gave up on providing timestamps since you discovered we were gonna skip straight to magnus? You are god damn right

  9. Did not expect a "mama there goes that man" today, pleasantly surprised though!

  10. The looking direction rocks — and you need to look to the right now left 🙂

  11. 2 in a day
    A suprise to be sure but a welcome one

  12. I am sure he is going through things but this anime arc is super entertaining. He even looks like he's staring in a movie about himself lmao!

  13. Mama there goes that man 😅😅😅classic mark j

  14. Damn these guys seem to be really cracked at chess.

  15. Levy should send 50% of what he makes from youtube to magnus ngl

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