Magnus Has Fallen

Amazing image by Stev Bonhage: ,

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  1. I’m trying to watch this at 3 am and it sounds like ghosts are screening in your video😂

  2. for a sec I thought the noises were your neighbors making love

  3. Guess what Messi has which Magnus doesnt – a freaking WC!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shipping was literally 40dollars to ireland lmao. I’ll wait a bit it’s fine

  5. I saw a video of Hikaru standing up from his own table, looking at this game (the position was 9:02 in this video) and looking just utterly baffled.

  6. You're wrong, TDF is largest sporting event, it's not even close

  7. Gotham why don't u participate in the chess championship??

  8. Sounds like they are using a sander down stairs before they paint 👍 hope this helps

  9. Imagine they were making a garage for alien ship💀☠️🥶🥵👽👽👽👽👽 while levy playing chess😂😂🤣🤩🤩😎

  10. ERMAGERSH! I must’ve ordered the signed book juuuuust in time. I ordered it at 3am last night, and they’re sold out today😂

  11. seeing as this caption was 'magnus struggles in r32', in round 34 maybe the caption could be 'magnus carlsen r34'

  12. "you dont remember anything let along what you had for breakfast."
    Me: having breakfast while watching tjis video

  13. Did you know that all of the free for a year anti virus bullshits on every computer is just a backdoor for the DEA FBI ATF etc? LOL

  14. when levy used the cement and construction example you could really tell his neighbours' pressure got into his head.

  15. GothamChess. Drama Queen and clickbait championship contender.

  16. That background noise sounded like a gnat flying around and I was super disturbed

  17. Thank you Levy for saying Football insted of soccer. Respect

  18. Has anyone noticed LEVY looks like an OWL 🦉

  19. Neighbours, huuh? Sounds like you've kidnapped Hikaru and he's crying.🤔

  20. This is one the better review videos I've seen from you. Well done!

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