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  1. yall see the Game Saved notification in the first game

  2. I am havin a great Sumday, and i hope you do too, man. Thanks for the great content

  3. OGs remember when the title was MAGNUS IS A MACHINE!!

  4. They're on opposite sides of the bracket–I'm praying for a Magnus Hikaru final! (Would make the candidates interesting!)

  5. Not mad, but no fabi that game was a roller coaster I just wanted to hear you explain it😂😂😂

  6. That Roebers vs Kulon recap was fire🔥🔥🔥

  7. 14:47 why do you fake studder….trying to sound sophisticated or something…its cringey

  8. Wish Gotham would redo Torch b Stockfish. Didn't give enough credit on sacking the rook

  9. Man, I've really been getting into chess lately because of this channel.

    On a somewhat related note: I don't understand why women and men can't play together in the World Cup.

  10. This guy perfectly pronouncing the most obscure Balkan; Chinese and what not names, but crumbling at the sighting of a Dutch surname

  11. Hikaru needs to start identifying as a woman

  12. It's not like aryan tari missed the line. Even the engine at low depth is unable to find that pawn push to create that open g phile

  13. what pawn nonsence spacing is magnus aryan

  14. Incredible how long Ivanchuk has been a super GM

  15. Леви, не знаю насколько это комплимент, но я офигенно засыпаю под твои видосы. Очень нравится, что у тебя длинный хронометраж

  16. Magnus taking a page out of the Niemann playbook by being an ABSOLUTE MACHINE

  17. Gotham glasses mess up rating 8/10

  18. Im subscribing to everyone who subs to me says:

    Nice for Alexey Sarana cause im from Serbia.

  19. Love the Swiffer in the background! 🤣😂

  20. Bro, J-Ram dropping Tim Anderson last night was the highlight of the week 💀

  21. 4:40 BRUH before this i said "naaah f3 is wrong". Maybe i should always play the moves that seem wrong to me

  22. I was rouching grass when this uploaded…

  23. Hes not a machine, hes just beta testing chess cybernetic brain implants. He's like the chess terminator

  24. I just bursting laugh on the floor when i hear PP on PP thrice 🤣🤣

  25. Mustafa and Fabiano had an amazing back and forth match u can check it out if u want

  26. I’m a Computer Scientist. I confirm I’ve programmed Magnus.

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