Magnus, Nodirbek, Duda & 300+ Players Battle It Out | FIDE World Rapid Championship 2023 Rds 1-5

World chess no. 1 Magnus Carlsen is back to defend his rapid and blitz world championship titles, taking on the likes of Fabiano Caruana and Ian Nepomniachtchi. Follow the $1 million event in Samarkand, Uzbekistan: Open:

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  1. They need to be isolated from the civilized world. They have their own "mir" at home… The world doesn't want that.

  2. Yes please! Understand, after making sure audio and video are working, #1 priority is game board and live updates. Don’t want to try to figure out which moves are being made from side view. Have someone dedicated to this at all times! A backup. Don’t need the time, profile pics, format, all the extras right away. Just quick board updates please. It’s hard for mortals to see what’s happening from slightly elevated side view. Game board should always be large and on screen and usually taking up most of the screen!! If having issues just have this and work backwards to get everything else up. Thank you, otherwise love,everything. Naroditsky always fun to listen to.

  3. Watching the replay. World-class commentary team. Can't believe FIDE allowed this event to be marred by such amateurish and glitchy production. I understand this is free to watch. No reason to ruin it for spectators.

  4. The commentary is so boring and uninspiring, guys. Get this Levy guy, because I've almost fallen asleep while listening to the commentary.

  5. wow what a night and day camera and audio work from here to the toronto tourney….ugh

  6. Just show Magnus !!! that's all we want to see !!!

  7. Technical errors were ridiculous sorry sort it out. Just makes chess seem worthless, wouldn't get this in footbal tennis etc…

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