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  1. here before Gotham video of Magnus winning

  2. Yo gotham I think you should checkout the pearl of Africa the chess here is crazy please 😮😮😮😮😮😮

  3. who is here after magnus just won the event

  4. Magnus saw this video and take it personally.

  5. 14:53 as somebody who studied and tutored for organic chemistry, I approve of the message that chess is harder lol. I’m like 900 elo in rapid.

  6. Magnus has been milked to the fullest, good job levi

  7. Hey levy, could u make a video teaching how to play the emperor's tomb chess variant cause it's definitely the weirdest variant, and there's no place no on the entire internet that teaches how to play it

  8. Levy .. ur commentary makes the chess game so much fun as if i m watching football … u made me fall in love with chess 👍🏾

  9. we're not ready for magnus with the realization that he's not immortal anymore

  10. pin of shame please…ill put something ridiculous after i get the pin….

  11. When I saw the name,I thought,"Why are you using magnus again?"

  12. Why the hell is this host so loaded sometimes? Can't simply talk about the competition without over exaggerating about nothing to do with anything. Treating it like it's the end of the world. Yes Magnus usually is in the lead. Yes Magnus could have been in the lead here. He didn't play well in this competition because he wasn't well focused. Wei Yi is really interesting because he has been unknown to many. And just came out of nowhere dominating this year.

  13. Levy really changed the sus title
    before it was "Magnus carlsen: i suck"

  14. Very impressive stuff from this Chinese magician)

  15. After the Botez sisters video even the phrase 'milking Magnus' sounds wrong

  16. Magnus is like undertaker of chess 😂

  17. hes second in the supebet r&b, in the final of cct so hes just having a slightly bad time nothing huge

  18. Changing the caption 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Click bate alert

  19. Levy makes more money out of Magnus than Magnus

  20. From
    Magnus Carlsen: "I suck"
    "Magnus, nooooo"
    "I suck Magnus Carlsen".

    This went pretty fast.

  21. One has to wonder if Ding has picked or will pick Wei Ye for his prepping opening training ideas for his WC match vs Gukesh, especially since Wei Ye has primary been making his living these last few years as a chess coach.

  22. Me: seeing the video and hovering over it as usual
    Also me: thinking whether or not i want my day spoiled knowing Magnus is abt to retire even from the thumbnail

  23. Wei Ye is incredibly gifted & plays beautiful chess.

  24. Magus is a troll. Hes a speed demon. He refutes he own openings.

  25. Ladies and gentalmens he is cooking mangus again

  26. When you play and block your bishop you are a noob but when magnus does it the bishop waits

  27. the yankees stopped winning and levy said fuck it😂😂

  28. The amount of toxic teenage boys in the chess community is genuinely astounding. The sheer amount of haters and how loud they are in comment sections…i dont understand how parents think its okay to not monitor their childs online behavior.

  29. @gothamchess, with due respect , if you're reading this, there are trillions of people who teach chess. So I just lost a chess game with my dad after practising for hours. (Every teacher is like: if your opponent moves this, move this). But it is not necessary that the opponent will move that piece of the method shown in videos. It is based on the opponent's mind. I'm searching for a person who teaches chess in a funny and interesting way. They should showing a whole game just like a Channel called "Top Chess". You are a great person but I'm searching for a person who can actually help me learn chess. This may not be an appropriate video to share this, but this is your latest video too. Please read this and kindly reply.

    Kindly do not consider it as a hate comment. I really really appreciate @gothamchess and his work, it was just a doubt and a thought😊😊😊

  30. welcome Magnus in our under 500 bullet club😊

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