Magnus Plays With His Bishops!!!!

Magnus Carlsen is playing in the European Team Chess Championship for Norway in Montenegro. This is a recap of his 3nd round game.


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  1. 0:08: 📺 In this video, the third round of the European Team Chess Championships is discussed, with a focus on Magnus Carlsen's game against Hivar Stein Grimson from Iceland.
    3:20: 📚 In this position, black has weakened the F5 square by pushing pawns on the kingside, and white's knight on E3 can jump to either of the weakened squares.
    6:26: 🏰 White is in a strong position with two bishops and control of the center of the board.
    9:36: 📚 The video discusses a chess game between Stein Grimson and Magnus Carlsen, where Stein Grimson tries to block Magnus's attack.
    12:43: 🏰 Magnus Carlsen puts pressure on black's position, trapping the rook and pressuring the pawn on d6.
    Recapped using TammyAI

  2. "You shall not pass" – said the king, sacrificing himself

  3. Hikaru is confused by the Icelandic surname. He mispronounced his name 20 times in the video. It's Gretarsson not Steingrimsson 😂

  4. Hikaru slowly becoming the new Levy 🤣

  5. Black didn't even do anything bad yet he got now clue when the white became the monster.

  6. As a man, I can confirm that I always play with the Bs.

  7. 'B's, double stack triple stack, bash. Op af jargon as usual and can't get enough of it. Always makes roll on the floor😂😂😂😂

  8. I watched this game in person, one meter from board

  9. As a bishop I confirm that I play with myself.

  10. "Wélcome back everyone. For todaaaaaaaayyyyys video…" – Hikaru Nakamura

  11. Slowly and deadly: this is magnus style 👌

  12. This title is also the title of a chapter in the Catholic Catechism

  13. The 2 B’s and Deez Knights. I think that was a Public Enemy song.

  14. This is not the first time we’ve seen that Magnus likes to play with his two B’s.
    “Sit at the chess board and play with yourself… It’s amazing.” – Magnus Carlsen

  15. btw hikaru, some random suggestion, maybe you or mr editor see this. make some kinda difference between the original play and hikaru's teaching. i think it will be much more visually entertaining and easy to understand for lower rating like me.

    thank you

  16. Magnus sitting at the table and playing with his bishop

  17. Steingrimson is a really weird name for a chess player… you could almost go as far as to say his name pick was a blunder by his parents…

  18. @GMHikaru , just call Magnus "the 16th Chess Champion"
    Yep, I know that FIDE guys between Kasparov, Kramnik and Anand (like Ponomariev, Khalifman and Topalov) are not counted, but they are not that influential.

  19. your sneeze sounds like an old school fight movie sound effect

  20. Gms:
    Play regular/ solid moves
    So you got ideas huh?

  21. Hikaru is developing a vocal tic and I try to prevent this from happening. It is 'SO'

  22. Im the bored i can conform the bishops were used

  23. Duude look at the times wth Magnus literally has more than an hour while opponent has only a min

  24. hikuaru is choke artist magnus probably makes a splooge on your big forehead all the time in real life after you are done dropping his pawls in your mouth u probably wish he would splooge everywhere on u and not just on your forehead but he choose your forehead because he says that maybe if your brain will absorb his splooge then you will no longer be idiot and it will make u better at the chess game this is because he enjoys the way u touch his pawls with the tip of your nose but u made it weird for him when he was just trying to foodge and u started to cry in his bed and told him that u loved him but he was just trying to bone , u always make it weird. he was just tryin to send ship his pawls and u got attached and told him u xloved him. U made it weird and u blunder a lot but your biggest blunder was when u cried in magnus bed after he cooomed

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