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  1. i love your videos and watch it to the end

  2. the only thing i need in my life rn is a full Gothamchess video in italian

  3. Stop overeating magnus he prepared it for sure and alirezan comeback

    He is the greatest the smartest the best player of all time but stop making stupid lines like he is trolling or he's joking around or he doesn't care that stupid

  4. magnus trying not to win in armageddon (impossable)

  5. Gotham reading the speech for speaking italian

  6. I'm italian and the pronunciation is great

  7. The fam alongside me who stayed and watched the entire video

  8. I'm italian and i can make sure that in Italy we talk italian, 100%

  9. Still watching at the 23 min mark!!
    Love it when Levi Praises me for still being here…

    Im better then them!!! whoo

  10. Still watching at 23 minutes till the end 😁😁

  11. Gotham: Are you still watching?
    Every person watching the video: yes🗿

  12. It feels like Magnus wants to play Armageddon and doesn't want to win in classical…

  13. Great recaps of all the games, you managed to squeeze them all in in a short time and kept my attention to the end

  14. Levy is the only person that can make a sponser seem intresting

  15. in che direzione è il Colosseo! 🤣🤣🤣

  16. I was stunned when I saw him sacrifice his rook for that knight. 😢 something is seriously wrong with Magnus lately… I hope he gets through this 💔

  17. Firouzja just broke the the circle. He didn’t played the En Passant 😞.

  18. I always watch these while eating eggs thank you Levy

  19. hanging on strong till I finish the entire video because levy made me love chess

  20. 0:50 Levy: Idk if you know this, but they speak italian in italy. Everyone: NO WAY, I THOUGHT THEY SPEAK CHINESE (sarcasm)

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