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  1. Bishop D3 is the chess equivalent of the underarm serve in professional tennis.

    When you do it, you're an idiot, when Magnus does it, he's Kyrgios doing it for the meta and the lulz.

  2. Levy I am better! I was watching when you said so ❤

  3. I was told to roll call if I got to 20 24 minutes 😂

  4. Truly drunken games as opposed to the usually more normal ones.

  5. I was still watching. . . Cuz I'm chess hardcore.

  6. Please make an opening on the king's attack a long one🥺🙏

  7. Brilliant upload, and of course we stayed to watch it all

  8. Hikaru also needed to win lmao, one move short from victory

  9. Magnus is like Jesus, he was "kinda populair", than he kinda died, now he's suddenly back.

    Next he will ascend to chess heaven.

  10. if u wanna say hi to magnus, tag him dont just say his name

  11. Love how Gotham is so confuzzled how "with 4 of the important pieces on the back how are they still equal" while white has the exact same thing on the other side🤦‍♂🤦‍♂

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