MASSIVE Chess Cheating Update!

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  1. Jospem at 13:59 was like
    "I saw Rook A4, I just didn't like it" 😂

  2. I mean, it sounds cool, but I really don't think we should continue feeding Kramnik's delusions—the man has zero evidence that supports his claims.

  3. “over the board” = “sobre el tablero”

  4. Presumably, Kramnik gets a minimum of an appearance fee?

    I hate that he is getting rewarded for being a detriment to chess.

  5. 7:50 I literally thought whats wrong with my phone for a moment 😂

  6. Good thing i am in spain already Wuahahaha

  7. Kramnik can no longer play at the competitive level he thinks he should be, he's getting older and that's just life. I also tap regularly to lower belts in Jiu Jitsu cause I'm getting older and they're getting better. My opponents are not cheating, they're just younger, they can practice more, the internet has more knowledge available for them to learn faster, we now have engines to train with. Kramnik might have a point that certain people are cheating, but the whole world is not cheating….Hikaru is quite obviously not cheating. Frankly it's all a little embarrassing.

  8. Hey Levy, will you organize an offline meeting in Madrid with your fans? 🙂 also, will it be possible to attend the match?

  9. It seems like a classic judicial duel in chess.

  10. Kramnik is a narcissist that refuses to acknowledge that chess players are simply better than him nowadays. No matter what you do, how much information you present and how thorough that information is, he just won't (or potentially "can't" depending on just how far gone he is) believe you. Kramnik just needs to just stop playing chess if he's going to continue to be so toxic

  11. When his mic died i thought my sound died xDDDD

  12. you are not going to make any video what so ever of the young Argentinian 10 year old who beat both Magnus and Hikaru this week?

  13. so if Kramnik wins, does that settle things and "prove" Jose was cheating all along?

  14. Please make this series. And call it 1v1 me IRL.

  15. "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Levy-Sponsored 2024 Jospem vs. Kramnik 'Over the Board' Chess and Colonoscopy Match. . ." 🍑 ♟ ♟ ♟ – j q t –

  16. Vladimir Kramnik continues to exhibit a eutectic mixture of ignorance and arrogance, as he is behaving exactly like those grossly-misinformed, ultra-obnoxious, overly-well-armed election deniers, those who want the right to hover over and stand next to a ballot box during an election, while simultaneously having a machine gun dangling from a hit-sling on their shoulder. ♟ – j q t –

  17. So, my issue with this is that it is going to be hella expensive to go here. And I 100% expect Kramnik to lose game 1 and accuse Martinez of cheating anyway, then refuse to play – or do minimal play rage quits to make sure he hits the letter of his contract. Will there be a guarantee for the audience if he plays bullshit games? Because until Kramnik shows that he has the will to actually compete anymore it is too much of a risk for the audience.

  18. Great idea. After this is a success we need Hanz and Hikaru/Carlsen. Let's get all these claims to rest. Make sure there's a proctologist checking the players to keep it fair.

  19. its kinda bad that if you arent super into chess or 40+ years old you will only know kramnik for this stuff and not being world champion. imagine a 48 year old former champion of anything playing current world caliber players and claiming they cheat because they won. remember kramnik was claiming this same stuff with hikaru. yes a top 3 blitz player on the planet beat me, he cheatin

  20. @GothemChess just because you like pronouncing names properly. His second surname is “AlcÁntara”, not “AlcantAra”.

  21. I think kramnik just cannot digest his defeats and proceeds to accuse people of cheating because of that, his pride simply cannot accept the defeat given how he is ex world champion and all,he should simply accept the fact that his prime is gone and he is just not good as he used to be anymore,but rather than doing that he is just literally having this attitude of if I lose= opponent is cheating more often than not.

  22. "its one of the most stupid looking systems against the sicillian, yet -break-"
    what do they not want us to know

  23. Gotham your such a genius making money off of almost anything keep up the relentless creativity

  24. Gotham u will be there in the event? And it’s posible go and see the matches? Where I can buy the tickets?

  25. I hop the computer games in the match will include the same time control that Martinez beat Kramnik in. It should be safe to allow players to use whatever mouse they are accustomed to, but of course the players' computers should be in a private network with no outside connection, to avoid any charges of players' bodily devices receiving the game and sending signals.

  26. If u r playing good,u r cheating….. thats bs… yes,they are probably many cheaters,true,but not everybody who play good is a cheater… there are many good chess players around the world,who are not IM or GM

    P.s great event Levy,wish u gl, and i hope Kramnik losses,i want to hear what Kramnik will say

  27. there is no mouse speed in OTB though

  28. woah woah woah, this is REAL??? really a high stakes match🙆🙆🙆

  29. If you have low volume recordings, duplicate your OBS source, then add a gain filter to it.

  30. I always like levis vids while watching the adds

  31. Ngl, i wouldn't be surprised if Kramnik himself would be creating haha.

  32. Nice video, get funding from cultural budgets!

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