Mikhail Tal 4 – 0 Bobby Fischer | Bled-Zagreb-Belgrade Candidates, 1959 #chess #chessgames


  1. Buen video….. q sabroso es ver juego de ajedrez como si fuera en torneo… sin habladera q si hizo esto o hizo aquello….. quieren saber más q esos grandes campeones

  2. Какая сложная техника реализации, да и вообще таль редко чёрными так играл

  3. Un joven Bobby Fischer siendo ya GM enfrentándose al mago de Riga 🧙‍♂️ ✨️ quien se coronaría campeón del mundo al siguiente año. Dos de los mejores ajedrecistas de todos los tiempos

  4. Chess is a dead 💀 god Caissa 🌹🌚👍Rest in the good news 🌹 okay bye

  5. Fischer liked Tal he visited Tal when he was ill in hospital.

  6. He was one children in first games! Think, think, about!

  7. Not comparetion, Fischer the Best in CHESs!!

  8. My friend, it Was for some moment, and anothers wins of Fischer?!!..kkk Last 1970 Palma de Malorca! Fischer, venceu blitz and thinking!!

  9. Tap was by far best chess player world have seen.To bad he had so many medical issues.

  10. Кто победил в итоге?………

  11. I am just amazed that they had these candidates tournaments etc organized so neatly even in 1959 and even before that. A time when there was very little technology and everything. Travelling was such a big undertaking. No cell phones, no gps, fewer flights and everything.

  12. 1:16 Tal already won…every time I can do that position I know I won! 😁. Tal played like Capablanca ,what´s even better!!…. following this spirit,: 3:10 is not K x e4 !! MUST BE : c6 !1 getting crazy Fischer´s Bishop !

  13. We can see Fischer played like a child, which was probably his age at the time, or juvenile, whatever the case may be. Ultra aggressive.

  14. But when fischer mastered tge positional play and brilliant attacks exposes some flaws in Tal's complicated moves Both granmasters were superb

  15. Tal is the chess king amd fisher is a pawn everybody know this 😊

  16. ♟️ Chess is a dead god Cassia 🌹🌚👍 Rest in the Good News 🌹 okay bye

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