Mikhail Tal 4 – 0 Bobby Fischer | Bled-Zagreb-Belgrade Candidates, 1959 #chess #chessgames


  1. saat perwira sama2 4 …itu yg sgt kritis…..
    partai 2…12.22 Gf3xb2…wow

  2. You must tell the full information bastard in that time Fischer was a boy after that Fischer won Tal 5:0

  3. Bobby mistake on pieces exchange later in the game.

  4. I'm no good chess but in this game there doesn't seem the moments of brilliance that other games involving these two had.

  5. Healthy Tal was something to behold. Young Bobby didn't know what hit him.

  6. Subscribed!!! Love the pace and music!!!😇

  7. That's what I admired on Fischer. His defeats at the early stages of his career, made him more determined to become the best ever, grandmaster in the history of chess

  8. Tal became world champ a year later by beating Botwinnik.Fischer with 16 wasn't ready for the title.After 1962, Tal wouldn’t stand a chance against Fischer.

  9. Гений обыграл гения.❤️

  10. Mikhail Tal is the best, salam dari Indonesia 🙏🏻

  11. What a beautiful way to play through these games…the pace and the music created a sense of time passing….wonderful.

  12. Ben gerçektende böyle yorumsuz direk oyunu arıyordum binlerce teşekürler

  13. Amo este canal y felicito a su creador y le agradezco las joyas de Ajedrez que siempre nos presenta !!!!… Simplemente maravilloso canal !!!!

  14. El Mago de Riga era todo un crack. Inteligencia y creatividad de la mano.

  15. Tal Play close game? 😮

    Unattractive 😅

  16. Mikhail Tal bener2 sabar dan sangat akurat setiap langkah bidak catur sampe mas Bobby Fisher selalu resign karena tak mungkin memenangkan game itu dari yang ke 1 hingga ke 4. beneran maha guru catur terbaik cuma Mikhail Tal.

  17. Две Глыбы шахматного мира!!!

  18. Not surprise, boby fischer age just 16 yo, younger enough against mature grandmaster chess which already 26 yo

  19. Супер…Таль мабуть найкращий…

  20. Tal is super Genious, Fisher played without planning just like Lion versus 🐐 game.

  21. There was no match. Tal was way stronger than Fischer. In my opinion Fischer was overestimated, he was a great chess player but only for a few years. I don’t like the way he played

  22. It was pure chess without chip in ass or computer analysys

  23. Якщо Bobby Fisher, то Міша Таль

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