Mission Impossible In The Chess World | Chess Memes #27


  1. Bro is the next Gotham Chess, he always sees pins and possibilities.

  2. Im very confused on how the white king can solve puzzles that i couldnt but fell for a scholarsmate but this video actually made me learn some new stuff 🙂 very entertaining8:45

  3. Ethan promised he would never hurt a woman shoots the black queen

  4. Ep 1 of broom stick is computers seriously berison serison kerstison briatsion bracktison

  5. "not my pointy thing"Just cut

  6. No not the pointy thing from the black Bishop

  7. Lol bro just jumped of the plane and he just shot LOL

  8. bruh, cut your thingy is a disrespect to a boy, damn it you girls!!!!

  9. As soon as bishops went to that square the Scholar's mate

  10. White queen is literally google

  11. bots be like:Claim YoUR 69420 YeaR TiCkET HeRE

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